7 Great Enduro Mountain Bike Helmets Tested and Reviewed

What’s nearly as important as setting KOMs on the descent? Looking good doing it. So we’ve put together a list of enduro mountain bike helmet reviews that will not only help you look good, but also protect your noggin when things go sideways. Check out the reviews.

POC Trabec Mountain Bike Helmet

POC Trabec Helmet

The POC Trabec mountain bike helmet is designed to mimic the trabecular bone structure which, according to POC’s website, has excellent “resistance and durability.” The helmet is designed to better protect the temples and sides of your head than some other helmet designs. Not only do you get protection but Julie says “it’s the most comfortable helmet I’ve ever worn.” See what else she says in this POC Trabec mountain bike helmet review.

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Bell Stoker Mountain Bike Helmet

bell stroker mountain biking helmet

The Bell Stoker helmet is one of the most comfortable helmets and it is arguably the best bang-for-the-buck in the noggin-protecting industry right now. In Michael’s review of the Bell Stoker helmet, he boasts of it’s longevity and quality saying “the Bell Stoker is built to last.”

Bell Stoker Pad Set
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Bell Super Mountain Bike Helmet

Bell Super Mountain Biking Helmet

The Bell Super mountain bike helmet is designed to split the difference between overbuilt downhill protection and wispy-light cross country lids, and consequently it weighs in at 390 grams. It features 25 vents, and 4 overbrow ports. You probably recognize this one as the “quintessential all mountain/enduro helmet” and Greg puts it to the ultimate test in his Bell Super mountain bike helmet review.

Bell Super Wraparound Chinbar
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Bern Morrison All Season MTB Helmet

Bern Morrison All Season Mountain Biking Helmet

At a glance, the Bern Morrison helmet looks like a cross between a skate-style helmet and an all-mountain lid. The visor is detachable, and the back of the helmet extends down for extra impact protection. Overall this is a low-profile helmet, which means it looks good on your head and won’t rattle around or create too much wind resistance as you slash down the trail. Jeff explains the added bonus of this helmet keeping his head warm on cool weather rides in his extended Bern Morrison helmet review.

BERN Morrison Bike Helmet Satin Bright Blue L/XL
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Mavic Notch Mountain Biking Helmet

Mavic Notch Mountain Biking Helmet

The Notch helmet from Mavic is designed with trail and enduro riders in mind, providing additional coverage compared to traditional cross-country helmets while still retaining a lightweight and comfortable design. Hear Jeff’s take on how it handles on the trail in his full Mavic Notch mountain bike helmet review.

Mavic Notch Helmet Black/Black, S
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Kali Avana Mountain Bike Helmet

Kali Avana Mountain Biking Helmet

The Avana also uses patented Composite Fusion Plus technology along with carbon fiber and polycarbonate. The carbon acts as a roll cage, keeping things together during an impact, while the polycarbonate increases the overall durability and longevity of the lid. Syd gets into the technical details of this helmet in his Kali mountain bike helmet review.

Kali Protectives Avana Enduro Helmet Grunge/Violet, S/M
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iXS Trail RS Helmet


The iXS Trail RS Helmet is a nearly do-all helmet for all but the rowdiest DH ribbons where full-faced lids are mandatory. If you are in the market for an affordable, strong, light, stylish helmet, I recommend trying the Trail RS. Michael goes into more detail about the style and versatility in his iXS Trail RS helmet review.

IXS Trail RS Evo Mountain Bike Helmet Men's Size Extra Small in Black
$19.99    Jenson USA   AD 

Looking for even more helmet options? Check out these mountain bike helmet reviews from mountain bikers like you.

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