Scott Argo Plus Review: Simple, Stylish, Affordable Protection

The Scott Argo Plus is lightweight, stylish, well vented, and has rotational impact protection at a bargain price.
Scott Argo Plus helmet side view

You’ve been asking about affordable mountain bike apparel and accessories, so here you go. Scott has created a sibling to the popular Stego Plus helmet, only a tad (read: exponentially) more affordable, called the Argo Plus. Don’t get it twisted though, the Argo Plus doesn’t put safety on the backburner.  It is surprisingly stylish and safety-compliant, outfitted with a thicker MIPS brain protection system that doesn’t pull your hair (looking at you Smith) and is only $80 out the door. It’s a deal for sure.

No ifs, ands, or buts about it, the Scott Argo Plus MIPS helmet looks top of the line. I tested the “mineral blue” colorway, though I’d go so far as to say it’s more of a pale turquoise, or mint toothpaste color. Despite the slightly off color name, I really enjoy the subtle iridescent patterning on the outside as well as the matchy-matchy strap/dome color hue coordination.  The Scott Argo Plus helmet is also available in a whopping eight colors, so there’s really something for everyone to enjoy.

Scott Argo helmet fit

Scott Argo Plus helmet fit

To cut down on cost, the Scott Argo Plus helmet is only available in two sizes: S/M and M/L. I tested the S/M, though when available I typically select an XS. Luckily the rear dial has ample adjustment capability and shrinks down to the smallest of heads, which I can attest to. Overall, it seems the sizing will accommodate a myriad of head shapes despite having only two options available. I cannot speak to the larger end of the spectrum, so if you have an extra large head you may want to try it on before making an impulse purchase.

The Scott Argo Plus has decent ventilation, boasting ten vents that provide ample airflow throughout with three in the front, five in the middle, and two in the rear. This helmet feels extremely lightweight and breathable. It’s now one of my go-tos because it does not attract solar heat and the padding doesn’t divert sweat directly onto my sunglasses lenses.  

Scott Argo Plus helmet, front and rear view

Scott utilized an open foam cut on the Argo Plus, with a three piece padding set that is almost identical to its Stega predecessor, minus $100 from the price tag. The rear of the helmet is a bit deeper than some helmets in the same price range and it’s relatively lightweight, sitting at 350g/12.3oz.

Unfortunately the visor is fixed so there’s no easy adjusting for sunlight changes, sunglasses, or goggle storage. It is possible to dock your sunglasses in the rear, but I wouldn’t trust they will be there after a few bumps down the trail. Fortunately the large visor is not visible to the eye while riding, and I don’t see any compelling reasons to wear goggles with this helmet, so that’s not much of an issue.

The back adjustment straps integrate nicely through the rear dial adjustment pieces, and meet with the front straps through a simple, yet stylish cheek piece. I’d love if this helmet had fixed front straps and a Fidlock closure system, but the simple adjustments and snap closure works well enough, with all the straps fitting fairly flush to the face for a seamless on-the-cheek look.

Scott Argo Plus Review Conclusion

Overall this helmet is fairly basic, but it has all the key features you’d find in a more expensive lid. It’s lightweight, stylish, well vented, and has MIPS rotational impact protection at a bargain price, so you really can’t go wrong.  

  • Price: $79.95
  • Sizes: S/M, M/L
  • Rotational protection: MIPS
  • Colors: Black Matt, White/Black, Sand Beige, Fire Orange, Stellar Blue, Crystal Pink, Dark Moss Green, Mineral Blue (Tested)
  • Weight: 350g (S/M)
  • Available at Competitive Cyclist and Backcountry.

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Party laps

  • MIPS
  • Lightweight
  • Fits most head shapes/sizes
  • Affordable
  • Easy on the eyes

Pros and cons of the Scott Argo Plus

Dirt naps

  • Fixed Visor
  • No sunglasses or goggles dock
  • Snap closure on chin strap