Best Bike Trails in Pittsburgh

The City of Bridges boasts beautiful rolling hills, verdant summer flora, and excellent mountain trails within spitting distance of the city’s three rivers. The Pittsburgh Off Road Club (PORC) does an excellent job building and maintaining high quality singletrack throughout the region.

North Park

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If you only need a single recommendation for mountain biking near the city of Pittsburgh, look no further than North Park. Not only does this zone claim more than 40 miles of singletrack trails, the park is also known for having some of the highest quality singletrack in all of western Pennsylvania. Riders can easily get in a mostly smooth, 20-mile ride, with a few technical features sprinkled here and there for added excitement.

Roaring Run

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Roaring Run is located far northeast of Pittsburgh and serves up 800 feet of elevation change between the high and low points within the system. The climbs are steep and the trails are mostly rocky and rooty, making this an advanced-level ride.

Frick Park

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Visitors staying downtown will love the convenience of Frick Park, located just a few miles from the city center. The trails are notoriously difficult to follow but the upshot is, riders are never far from a park entrance or exit. Somehow the park manages to squeeze in what feels like a dozen miles of variable trails.

White Oak Park

Six miles of trail might not seem like a lot, but in the case of White Oak Park, it’s a matter of quality over quantity. The trails at White Oak Park are well-maintained and offer up a rideable, flowy experience inside the metro area.

Boyce Park

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Boyce Park is a bit of a haul (40 minutes or so) from downtown Pittsburgh, but if it’s beginner to intermediate XC trails you crave, Boyce Park is the place to find it. With about 20 miles of trails to explore, Boyce Park is a good place to burn off some energy, though the trails themselves may not be quite as entertaining as other trails in the area.

Great Allegheny Passage

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If riding singletrack trails isn’t your thing, or if you just want to put your head down and ride off-road for a while, the Great Allegheny Passage is a scenic option. The un-paved former railroad route stretches about 100 miles to Cumberland, MD where riders can then pick up the C&O Canal path and ride all the way to Washington, DC!

Next up: Providence, RI.

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  • PGH Rider

    Just an FYI for the Pittsburgh section of your article. PORC stands for Pittsburgh Off Road Cyclists. Your link takes you to Pittsburgh Offroad which is a motorized mud bogging/lift kit type of group. Additionally, PORC does not as a group build or maintain trails in Pittsburgh (maybe as volunteers for other other groups or illegally). The main groups that build and maintain trails are Trail Pittsburgh (http://trailpittsburgh.org/), the Rachel Carson Trails Conservancy(https://www.rachelcarsontrails.org/), Allegheny Land Trust, Hollow Oak Land Trust, Allegheny County Parks, and the Mount Washington CDC. If you need help reporting on Pittsburgh mountain biking in the future, please let me know.

    • Jeff Barber

      Good catch on the URL and thanks for the shout out to other groups in the area!

  • kevindsingleton

    Two more excellent Pittsburgh singletracks are the Bavington trail, in Hillman State Park, near Burgettstown (southwest of Pittsburgh, search for “Haul Road Trailhead”), and the trails at Brady’s Run Park, in Beaver County, a little north of the airport.

  • juarez

    Cool article!
    It’s great to see other people writing about our quiet, humble riding area (Ottawa-Gatineau).

    Of course it’s FAT season here now. We have some crazy good shared single track is 2 riding areas, plus Kanata, Larose, and city trails.

    You can learn more about our fat riding areas here:

    Our local networks are growing by leaps and bounds too. Advocacy over the last 10 years is paying off and our Gatineau Park Trail Network will be growing exponentially as previously limited bike access is increased overall rate next 5 years.

    And we have a brand new riding area called Larose Forest that is multi-use, purpose machine built flow trail. Larose has BIG plans to expand and local riders love the first beginner and intermediate trails that are now open. (Did I mention how FUN these trails are?) The Larose management team has a BIG vision for the area.

    Larose Forest Primer:

    Have fun everywhere.


  • Downhill Mike

    Also got to add Durham Forest, Dagmar, Walker Woods and Glen Major. Its all can be connected together by bike in one day and easily has over 100km of singletrack.

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