The Best Mountain Bike Trails in the Northeast, City-by-City

Best Bike Trails in Washington DC / Arlington / Alexandria

Despite being described as a “swamp” lately, Washington, DC actually has some decent mountain biking in the area with legit mountains accessible to day-trippers.

Fountainhead Regional Park

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Singletracks readers claim Fountainhead Regional Park is the best trail system in the DC area. The Park has 13 miles of dedicated mountain bike trails laid out in two main loops, plus an out-and-back. Beginners will enjoy the trail flow while more advanced riders will appreciate the man-made features and steep climbs and descents.

Schaeffer Farms

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John Fisch wrote about Schaeffer Farms back in 2013, and this is what he had to say:

“Somehow, someone managed to construct a pleasant stacked loop trail network with a good deal of variety and something for all levels of riders, right in the middle of modern suburbia. The place does get crowded and you can’t ride it while wet or drying out (which is much of the time, especially early spring), but when it’s good, it’s very good and will hold your attention for a worthwhile ride.”

Rosaryville State Park

Photo: Kemuel Chavez

Rosaryville State Park is located near Andrews Air Force base on the southeastern edge of DC. The 10-mile trail system is surprisingly scenic, with hidden overlooks and open meadows dotting the forested preserve. Some have described the trail system as a “singletrack roller coaster” that’s pedally and well-suited to hardtail mountain bikes.

After a long week of politicking, DC residents are ready to get out of town to explore the nearby Blue Ridge and Appalachian Mountains.

Bryce Mountain Bike Park

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Located about two hours from Washington, DC, Bryce Mountain Bike park in Virginia, near the West Virginia border, is a gravity rider’s delight. With trails designed by Gravity Logic, a full fleet of rental bikes, and skills instructors at the ready, Bryce Mountain offers a great place to learn DH riding or to blow off some steam.

Next up: Philadelphia.

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