My 5 Mountain Biking Goals for 2015

Steamboat Springs is one of the places we explored this year.

Recently we posed the question on Facebook, “What mountain biking goals are you setting for yourself this year?” Answers ranged from “bike more” to “carbon everything” and “avoid more trees and/or cars.” Of course all of these answers got me thinking about my own goals for the season (though it is only January and I’m …

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Ride Report: Moab’s North Klondike Trails

The North Klondike trail, Mega Steps, is almost all on rock.

In their quest to continue expanding bike trails for forever and ever, Moab has added new trails to the Klondike Bluffs area.  Along with a new trailhead, the “North Klondike” trails have greatly expanded the area of trails northeast of Moab, Utah. The original Klondike Bluffs trail head and trails are still accessible, but for …

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The Christmas Gift Guide for the Mountain Biking Lady in Your Life


While Santa may have already compiled his naughty and nice lists, many of us (ourselves included) are just now contemplating what to put under the Christmas tree for the mountain bikers in our lives. Shopping for a woman mountain biker can even be more challenging, as the standard perfume and jewelry might not impress us.  …

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Off the Beaten Path: Exploring Lesser-Known Local Trails in Fruita

2014-12-04 exploring local trails

Recently my riding partners and I have been branching out from our favorite rides in order to check out some new or lesser-used trails in the Grand Junction/Fruita area.  While we love the ones we ride most often (why else would we ride them?) sometimes we just want a change of pace.  Here’s what we’ve uncovered: …

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“It has nice views!” Why we bike boring trails.

The view from Indian Point on the Grand Mesa

“Well that trail has great views,” I tell people.  “Honestly, it’s one of the most spectacular views I’ve seen,” I say.  “But the trail? Oh a large portion of the trail sucks.” I won’t mention what specific trail I’m referring to, but it involves steep climbing on single track through the woods at about 11,000ft …

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Watching for Wildlife: Tips for Dealing with Bears, Snakes, and Mountain Lions

2014-10-30 snake

We’ve all heard the hilarious story about how to tell the difference between black bears and grizzlies, right?  Black bears will have remnants of berries in their scat, and grizzlies will have remnants of bear bells in theirs!  All joking aside, our bike trails are out there in nature, where bears and snakes and mountain …

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