Review: Dakine Women’s Siren Shorts

I recently received the  Women’s Siren Shorts with liner from Dakine for review.

I love the length of these shorts.  I hate for my bare legs to rub against my bike seat, so having a longer short takes care of that issue.  These shorts have interior waist side adjustments and front pockets.  The waist adjustments are nice if you’re built like me:  my pants and shorts all tend to be tight in the thighs and big in the waist.  These shorts were no different.  Still, even though my legs completely filled out the shorts, they weren’t uncomfortable.  I had plenty of movement and was kind of glad my shorts weren’t bunchy and baggy–especially when the wind was blowing 20mph on a ridge top.

Warning: The liner for these shorts is very low-cut in the front.  If you’re used to your padded liner shorts coming up to your belly button, these will require some adjustment time.  The waistband of the liner shorts was probably a full 2 inches below my bellybutton.  They were very comfortable, just different.

You can buy the shorts without the liner, though, so that’s always a good option!

The shorts also have a lightweight stretch panel that runs from the back to the sides of the hips.  One of the worst things when riding is to feel your shorts sliding down; that doesn’t happen with these because of great micro-fit technologies like this.  Between the stretch panel and the waist adjustments, these shorts fit me perfectly.

When ordering, I followed Dakine’s sizing chart  precisely, and that seemed to work for me.  If you prefer your shorts with extra wiggle room, you might order a size larger than normal.

If you aren’t crazy about the teal color, you can also purchase the shorts in either “grape.” or just plain black.  I was looking to add a little color to my wardrobe, and decided to step outside my comfort zone of black or tan shorts.

I was really pleased with these shorts.  If there was anything I’d add, it would be a zip pocket somewhere on one of the legs.  Sometimes it’s easier to keep chapstick in a pocket like that than in my backpack.  Other than the small pocket issue, I’m excited to have a great new pair of bike shorts that are women’s specific.  Wearing baggy hiking shorts or boyfriend hand-me-downs was getting old!

The Siren Shorts retail for $90 and can be purchased here.

Thanks to Dakine for providing the Siren Shorts for review!

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