Review: POC Trail Light Women’s Tee

I was lucky enough recently to get a whole slew of POC gear to review.  Along with the POC Trabec Helmet and POC trail shorts, I also got a great POC women’s tee to review.



The POC Trail Light WO Tee  is lightweight and breathable. It’s 100% polyester and is treated with polyglene anti-odor protection. It’s designed specifically for women and comes in both the pink color, seen here, and a navy color as well.

There are two designs of the shirt: the simple plain front that I’m wearing, or a half-zip shirt with 3 jersey-type pockets in the back for more versatility. Since I usually wear a pack when biking I didn’t need the half-zip with pockets, but it would be great for road bikers or those who prefer to go sans pack.


Out on the Trail

The shirt fits great.  It reaches just to the top of my hip bones, which is long enough to keep my back from being exposed when I’m biking. It moves well, and dries out quickly!

I wore it on a ride a few weeks ago when a storm came through.  The windbreaker I was wearing over the shirt was soaked through, but the shirt itself was almost dry! Even when it does get wet, it’s dry in 5 minutes.


What I really like about the shirt is that it’s just simple. It’s a simple, lightweight, breathable shirt perfect for biking. I don’t have to worry about a zipper breaking, a button coming loose, or anything else.  Even better, it goes really well with my helmet!

MSRP: $49.99

Thanks to POC for sending over this awesome shirt!