Review: POC Trabec Mountain Bike Helmet

POC’s colorful Trabec helmet has slowly been making its way onto the trails in Grand Junction.  I’ve had the opportunity to be one of those biking around with this uniquely-designed helmet.  Even better, I’ve been rocking it in POC’s Ytterblum Pink color.


The POC Trabec is designed to mimic the trabecular bone structure which, according to POC’s website, has excellent “resistance and durability.” The helmet is designed to better protect the temples and sides of your head than some other helmet designs.  It’s supposed to protect and sit “around your head” rather than just “on top.”


The Trabec is easily adjustable from the back and has an adjustable visor too. The inner core of the helmet is reinforced with aramid filaments, and the seams on the outer core are strategically-located in areas of least exposure.  This creates an extra-sturdy helmet, protecting the crown of your head and your temples from rocks, asphalt, and trees when you crash.

The helmet also offers 16 vent slots for airflow.


But enough technical talk… how does it feel?


I took this Ytterblum Pink helmet out for some ledge practice on Rustler’s Loop a few weeks ago and loved it!  When I first put the helmet on, it felt so different from what I’m used to.  It wasn’t uncomfortable, but I definitely noticed the “around the head” fit of the helmet because it’s totally unlike a classic XC helmet fit. You can see in the photos that it seems to cover more of my head than standard helmets do.

I ordered the small, and it was true to size.  In fact, once I used the easy size adjustment system on the back of the helmet, I sort of forgot I was wearing one. Of course, at 340 grams it is pretty lightweight!

Honestly, it’s the most comfortable helmet I’ve ever worn. 

Our laps on Rustler’s left us sweaty and hot, but my head felt cool the whole time.  The Trabec certainly didn’t seem hotter than others even though it was clearly covering more of my head.


I’ve always enjoyed the benefits of a helmet visors, and this one was no different.  It provided a bit of extra sun protection, and I think it looks more stylish than helmets without visors.

Of course, POC helmets are probably most recognized for their bright colors.  The Trabec comes in colors like Iodine Green, Bohrium Red, and Krypton Blue, not to mention a few others including more standard black and white colors.

Bottom Line

The Trabec is just what I needed! Not only is the color awesome, but the fit and comfort level are beyond what I expected.  I feel confident that I’m doing all I can (aside from avoiding crashes) to protect my head with this helmet on.

MSRP: $150.

A HUGE thanks to POC for sending the Trabec over for review!