Motts Run Reservoir

It has really good trails for Beginners, and Intermediates. The trail flows really great from climbs to downhills, and some technical sections.

Return to the Ridge (Cane Creek Cup MTB Series)

The Angler’s Ridge Trail Association is proud to present “Return to the Ridge” on Sunday, May 16, 2021 at Angler’s Ridge in Danville, VA. This is Race #1 of the USA Cycling Virginia State Championship Series.

The Sledgehammer (Cane Creek Cup MTB Series)

The Cane Creek Cup will travel back to Ridgeway, VA for the 3rd Annual Sledgehammer race on April 11, 2021.  This race is the first race of the year and is part of the USA Cycling Virginia State Championship Series.

Section 7

This section of the CCT runs from Oak Marr Park through Difficult Run Stream Valley to Lawyers Road, a distance of approximately 6 miles. Mile markers as shown on the map are approximate. The trail begins in Oak Marr Park as a stonedust trail at the end of the asphalt trail from Jermantown Road, then …

Willcox Trail

A trail in the woods for beginner off road bikers and a walking trail for families.

Bike Factory

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