The Magicshine 90X Series Claims up to 8,000 Lumens for Under $250


The latest mountain bike lights in the 90X series from MagicShine feature not only bright LEDs, but also a bar-mounted remote control and a connected tail light for improved visibility. MagicShine is very up front in stating that their lumen claims aren’t 100% guaranteed. For example, their website adds disclaimers like “theoretical lumens, actual lumens may …

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Topeak Uses Your Bike to Pitch the Bikamper Tent


Bikepacking seems to be becoming more and more popular, especially considering the number of bikepacking products we saw at Interbike this year. One of the most interesting products that caught my eye, the Topeak Bikamper, actually isn’t a new product at all. The Topeak Bikamper is a tent and rain fly system that ditches the tent poles in favor of …

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Gore Rescue Windstopper Active Shell Jacket Review


With every piece of gear that I carry with me on the mountain bike, my first question is: “how packable is it?” Consequently, I’ve been carrying ultra lightweight rain jackets lately instead of full-featured, thick jackets. The only problem with most ultra-lightweight jackets? They eliminate the hood in order to reduce weight and volume. Enter …

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The New GoPro Drone Is Even More Amazing in Person


GoPro cameras changed the face of action sports and even more broadly, gave filmmakers the ability to put cameras in places cameras had never gone before. Just one little problem for mountain bikers: the POV video almost always comes out shaky, making them difficult to watch. Well, this week GoPro announced a slew of solutions to our problem, and I suspect mountain …

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Marin Rift Zone Pro Test Ride Review


Based solely on looks, the Marin Rift Zone Pro was the prettiest bike I saw at Outdoor Demo. Marin calls the paint job “teal with red,” but in person, it looks pretty damn close to the classic Gulf Racing blue and orange. Add in the top-tier parts spec, and the Rift Zone is certainly a …

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