Registration Is Open for 9 Mountain Bike Festivals in 2016

photo: BLM via Flickr Creative Commons, no changes made.

No mountain bike event brings it all together like the mountain bike festival. Whether you’re looking for a race, relaxation, guided group rides, or just some shit-eating-grin good times, these fat tire gatherings have it all. Here, we’ve gathered a smattering of some of the coolest, most promising fests you can register for now. And …

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IPA Blind Taste Test: Our Panel of Mountain Bikers Picks the Best Beers

ipa_taste_test - 1

Editor’s Note: Singletracks does not encourage or condone underage alcohol consumption or excessive drinking. If you’re underage according to local law, choose to abstain, or just can’t stand when people geek out about beer, we ask that you choose another article to read–perhaps this one. A few months back we asked nearly 2,000 mountain bikers what …

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On Review: Norco Torrent 7


Announced late summer 2015, the Torrent 7 is Norco’s “aggressive” all-mountain hardtail and also happens to be the BC-based bike company’s first crack at the increasingly-popular 27.5+ game. Located within earshot of the ever-so-epic, steep-and-deep trails of the North Shore, you can count on Norco designing their rookie mid-fatty with the capability to handle just about anything you can dig up. While the Torrent’s figures seem to equate fervently …

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Mountain Bike Suspension Explained


In this podcast episode we try to answer the question: How much suspension travel is necessary? We talk about how suspension can affect a bike’s geometry and how to choose the right amount of suspension travel for your bike.

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How Does MTB Tire Pressure Affect Power and Speed? Searching for the Perfect Tire Pressure


If you’ve ever had a conversation with a group of mountain bikers about tire pressures, inevitably the whole thing devolves into a contest to see who is running the lowest pressure. And why not? With tubeless and high volume tires like those on fat bikes and plus-size rigs, mountain bikers can safely run some pretty insanely low pressures …

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SQlab 611 Active Saddle Review: Rider Tested, Urologist Approved


“Performance based ergonomics.” Perhaps just another way of saying, “If the shoe fits, wear it.” And if the bike fits, rip it! Yet there’s something very sexy in the suggestion of “ergonomic.” When we think of the term, we think: form-fitting, comfortable, an extension of our body, something God Himself would have created in The Beginning if …

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Watch: Road Bike Parkour

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 10 parkour

…AKA trials. Welcome to Road Bike Parkour! The two times world record holder, bikeshow & stuntrider Max Schrom take you on his journey to do some road bike stunts! Earlybirdpictures, Hammer-Luftaufnahmen, and Max wanted to show riding and filming at top level. After watching the amazing video Road Bike Party by Martyn Ashton, Max …

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Trail Report: Fat Biking Argentine Pass in Silver Plume, CO


Silver Plume is a small historic mining town located along the I-70 corridor in central Colorado, one of many kitschy attractions en route to the ski resorts that dot the same stretch of interstate. Located in Clear Creek County, an old railroad grade snakes up the mountain that has become a secretly-popular place for hikers and cross country …

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