Get a Grip! The Best Mountain Bike Grips, According to Our Readers

Best Grips 2016

Mountain bike grips are often easy to overlook, but as one of the few contact points on the bike, they’re important to both comfort and control. We surveyed more than 2,200 Singletracks readers, asking them about their favorite grips, and here are their favorites for 2016.

We found the average price for the most popular grips is $29.97 USD and the average weight for a pair is 126g. Grip length doesn’t vary all that much among the top 8–most are 130mm long–but it is possible to find grips that are slightly longer or shorter. The average grip diameter is 31.6mm, so riders with smaller or larger hands might choose a grip with a smaller or larger diameter for improved comfort.

#8: Ergon GS2 ($49.95 USD // 212g // S, L diameters)

The Ergon GS2 grips are the only grips with a non-uniform, non-circular cross-section on this list. Clearly these grips aren’t for everyone, but many riders appreciate the feel of Ergon grips over more traditional ones. The GS-2 version adds a stubby bar end as well.

Ergon GS2 Grips, Large, Black
$47.45    Amazon   AD 

#7: Santa Cruz Palmdale Locking Grips ($18 USD // 102g // 30mm diameter)

Based on the survey results, it seems many riders are happy with the grips that come stock with their bikes. Case in point: the Santa Cruz Palmdale Locking Grips. It’s also possible that these are just really high quality grips and fortunately, anyone can buy these online or through a Santa Cruz dealer.

#6: Lizard Skins Moab Lock On Grips ($29.95 USD // 114g // 31mm diameter)

Lizard Skins allows riders to fully customize the Moab Lock On Grips: color choices abound for everything from the plugs to the rings to the grip itself. Not only that, riders can have the rings custom engraved for an extra $3.

Lizard Skins Lock-On Moab Grips, Black/Black Clamp
$25.00    Amazon   AD 

#5: Specialized Enduro XL Locking Grips ($25 USD // 100g // 32mm diameter)

Like Santa Cruz, Specialized offers their Enduro XL Locking Grips for sale separately, though for many riders, these grips came stock. Enduro XL grips save weight by utilizing just a single lock ring on the inside of the grip.

Specialized - Enduro XL Locking Grips
$25.00    Jans   AD 

#4: Oury Lock-on Grips ($35 USD // 200 g // 32.8mm diameter)

Oury Lock-on Grips are favored by many riders for their chunky, solid hand feel. These grips tend to be long wearing and go a long way toward damping vibration on the trail. Note: Oury generally sells the grips separately from the necessary lock rings.

#3: ODI Troy Lee Design Grip ($32.95 USD // 98g // 30.5mm diameter)

The ODI Troy Lee Design grips feature lock rings on both ends and are offered in eye popping colors, natch. The partial mushroom-style edge lends to the performance of these grips while adding a dash of nostalgia for old-school riders.

#2: ESI Chunky MTB Grip ($18.99 USD // 60g // 32mm diameter)

ESI Chunky grips are fat, but don’t mistake them for being overweight! These foam grips are the only grips on this list that are not lock-on, which keeps them ultra-lightweight (the airy foam helps big time too).

ESI Grips GBK02 Chunky MTB Grip (Black)
$14.61    Amazon   AD 

#1: ODI Rogue Lock-on Grips ($29.95 USD // 123g // 32.7mm diameter)

ODI is the only company with two grips on this list, and not only that, the company snagged first and third places! The Rogue grips seem to offer a good balance between price, weight, and performance. Overall this grip’s stats may appear average, but that’s just proof they’ve found the sweet spot!

ODI Rogue Lock On Replacement Grips
$10.44    Jenson USA   AD 

If you’ve tried multiple grips on this list, how would you rank them?