The new WOW trail in Park City, UT. Photo: Eric Schramm, courtesy of Jans

In general, mountain bike trail systems are not static entities. Most trail systems morph and change, continuing to develop over time. As we zoom the lens out, we see that even mountain bike destinations continue to grow and change, with most destinations getting better and better as the years pass.

We’ve written numerous articles about the best mountain bike destinations across the United States (and beyond), but as I talk to fellow riders about these top destinations, I often hear responses like, “I rode Moab a bunch of times back in the 90s. I’ve ridden everything there is to ride there, so I haven’t been back in 20 years.”

Oh, how wrong you are my two-wheeled compatriot! Not only have all of the top destinations in the nation changed dramatically since the 90s, but even in just the past year or two we’ve seen dramatic changes in the mountain bike landscape, with new trails being constructed all around the planet.

I first published the article, “The Top 10 Best Mountain Bike Destinations in the USA” back in June, 2016, itself an extension of a similar areticle. How have these 10 best destinations changed since that article was written less than 2 years ago, and is a return visit to these places worthwhile? I decided to find out.

Moab, Utah

I’m always shocked when I hear that Moab is past its prime and that it’s time to look elsewhere for great singletrack. On the contrary, the folks in Moab build new singletrack so routinely that an annual visit to this great destination, which we chose as the Mountain Bike Capital of the United States, would yield a new trail–or even a brand-new trail system–every year.

Rodeo Trail

The newest singletrack in Moab is the Rodeo trail, completed in May of 2017. This new singletrack forms a loop off the Chisholm trail, south of Horsethief Campground. Despite being just a single loop within an existing trail system, this trail is over 9 miles long–a complete ride unto itself for many people. With a beginner to low intermediate difficulty rating, this could be the perfect trail to challenge new riders with short technical stretches, and a slightly longer ride than they might be used to.

Rodeo “is unusual in that a lot of it is through the trees,” according to Michele Hill of Discover Moab. The “surface is a mix of dirt, slickrock, and sand.”

Coming Soon

While Rodeo isn’t brand spanking new, Moab Trail Mix does have several projects in the works that could be announced in the near future, but aren’t yet ready for the public eye. Stay tuned!

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  • stumpyfsr

    Every trail here looks interesting and definitely worth riding. Time to pack camping gear and start riding new trails.

  • B-nuts

    Awesome destination trails on this list. A decade of adventure awaits. Sorry to see Kingdom Trails in Vermont didn’t make the top 10. I get the bias towards west coast riding. Big hills = big decent’s. For all the northeast riders you are likely well aware of Kingdom and the lift access trails at Burke Mountain. It’s a worthy destination, even for those lucky enough to live on the left coast. Not to mention Vermont has far and away the best breweries anywhere in the U.S. hands down – Alchemist of Heady Topper fame, Lawson’s (sip of sunshine), Hill Farmstead (rate beer’s #1 brewery for multiple years and close to Kingdom), Foam (Burlington and quite possibly the best and most scenic right on Lake Champlain), Foley Brothers, 14th Star, Zero Gravity, I could go on for a while here but you get the drift. There is a great tiki bar in the small MTB centric town of East Burke that is a great spot to hit up after a great all day ride at Kingdom. Other trails to visit while in VT include Cady Hill in Stowe, Perry Hill in Waterbury, Pine Hills in Rutland, Killington MTB park (BC of the east according to them) and many, many more. Definitely looking forward to hitting up the destinations on the authors list I haven’t been to yet. Bottom line, MTB is in such a great place right now epic adventure await just about anywhere you live.

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