Area where the new Western Gateway Trail System will be located. Photo: Mike Coyne

Construction is beginning on a new 27-mile trail system in Sedona, Arizona. Dubbed the “Western Gateway Trail System,” the new network “is envisioned as a stacked-loop trail system of at least 15 trails (2 beginner, 10 intermediate, and 3 advanced) consisting of loops, connectors and incredible vistas,” according to Kevin Adams of the Verde Valley Cyclists Coalition (VVCC). “Connectors will tie in with trails to the north (Cockscomb/Rupp) and to the south (Red Rock Loop/Schuermann Mountain/Scorpion and Skywalker trails).”

Photo: Mike Coyne

This 27-mile network “will include 3 miles of reroutes of Girdner Trail, 8 miles of social trails adopted into the trail system, and 16 miles of new trail construction,” according to a press release from VVCC. The new system will connect to the existing Upper Dry Creek Trail System, expanding the greater trail network on that side of town.

The City of Sedona is on board with this new trail development, and sees it as “a community asset for outdoor recreation,” according to VVCC. Since it’s planned as a multi-use trail system, the singletrack trails will serve hikers, equestrians, trail runners, and mountain bikers.

Marty Glinsky, VVCC President is very enthusiastic about the project. “One objective is to shift trail users – particularly mountain bikers – from more crowded areas in Sedona and the Village of Oak Creek” he said. “With a declining budget, the Forest Service depends on a collaborative trail creation approach,” added Glinsky. While volunteers will be used extensively, professional trail crews are essential for all project aspects.

Old homestead in the area. Photo: Pam Milavec

Construction of the Western Gateway Trail System is estimated to cost $350,000 and take two years to complete. To help raise funds, the VVCC is promoting its Ride-for-Five Drive raffle. The raffle features over $9,500 in prizes including:

  • Specialized Stumpjumper Comp Carbon Mountain Bike
  • Carbon 41w 27.5” Whiskey Wheel Set with SRAM 900 Hubs
  • Complete Rockford-Fosgate 600W Car Audio System
  • Trip for (2) on any AZT Expeditions MTB Trip
  • Trek 8.2 Dual Sport Hybrid Bicycle
  • Hewlett Packard 250 Notebook PC
  • Kali Interceptor Cycling Helmet (4)
  • Camelbak Skyline Hydration Pack (2)

Enter to raffle before it ends on May 31, 2018. To learn more about the raffle and help the VVCC raise money, visit www.westerngatewaytrails.org.

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  • triton189

    “trails will serve hikers, equestrians, trail runners, and mountain bikers.” But like most areas, maintained by only mountain bikers.

    • Runthruwalls

      For the record, hikers give the most volunteer hours and maintain the core Sedona trails more than any other user group.
      It does not matter what user group you belong to, giving back without being rude and promoting positive experiences is truly what matters.

  • triton189

    Not being rude, it is my experience that mountain bikers in “most areas” are usually the most active when it comes to volunteering to maintain and build trails. Just my experience, glad to hear that Sedona is different.

  • Throb

    Runthruwalls Same as triton 189 sees it in my area too. The last maintenance day my bike club had on the mtb trails at the Big south Fork Recreation Area, the Superintendent begged us to adopt some hiking trails. I’m glad to hear things are somewhat different in Sedona.

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