News: Lindarets Special Edition “GoatKit”

The Limited Edition GoatKit from Lindarets
The Limited Edition GoatKit from Lindarets

Lindarets, makers of the GoatLink, are releasing a limited edition GoatKit to celebrate their collaboration with Wolf Tooth Components. The GoatKit includes a GoatLink along with a 40 (or 42T) Giant Cog and 16T cog from Wolf Tooth.

The GoatLink replaces the direct mount link on Shimano rear derailleurs and is designed to improve chain wrap and, to a certain degree, shifting performance. Since the GoatLink is longer than the stock link, it moves the top pulley further back (towards the back of the bike). This allows you to keep the B-tension screw at a more normal level. It was designed by Lindarets and is manufactured by Wolf Tooth in Minneapolis, MN.

The GoatLink and Giant Cog come anodized in a matching pewter color.

The GoatLink

Looking for a mega-range drivetrain? You can actually use the GoatLink with the 40T Giant Cog in conjunction with a double ring crankset for 20 gears to get you up (and down) any hill. However, this is not possible with the 42T.

The GoatKit is available from Lindarets website for $115, which includes free shipping. If you’re interested you better get on it, because only 115 of these are available!

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