The New Lazer Jackal Helmet [Review]

The new Lazer Jackal mountain bike helmet is fully-featured and includes MIPS.

Today Lazer introduces the Jackal, a premium mountain bike helmet that offers a high level of protection and convenient features for trail riders. I’ve been riding in the Jackal for almost a month now, and it’s proven both comfortable and easy to use.

Fit and comfort

Starting inside the helmet, the Jackal features a MIPS liner for rotational impact protection. The retention band uses a sturdy ratcheting dial that wraps around the circumference of the helmet to fit any head shape.

On top of the MIPS liner and retention band there’s a thin layer of padding that stretches along the brow and down the middle of the helmet. The padding attaches with hook and loop so it’s removable for cleaning.

The chin strap snaps together with a Fidlock clasp that comes together with little effort. Like the Lazer Impala I tested last year, the chin strap is on the short side, at least for my long face. To be fair, the Jackal’s straps are a touch longer than those on the Impala, but I’ve basically maxed out the straps.

With 18 vents, the Jackal breathes well. I haven’t had a chance to test in the heat, but judging by the sizes and number of vents, air flow appears on par with other vented, extended coverage helmets on the market. On the flip side, the helmet isn’t so vented that it’s unusable in winter; on a sub-freezing ride, I wore it without any additional head covering and felt fine.

I found the temples on some eyewear needed to be routed carefully around the straps and retainer, but ultimately I was able to fit everything comfortably. The rear coverage and low ratchet adjuster feel solid and secure, and the helmet doesn’t bounce a bit.

At 396g, the Jackal is a comfortable weight for all-day rides, though it’s certainly not one of the lightest vented helmets around.


Safety, comfort, blah, blah, blah. Mountain bikers want features, and the Jackal has ’em.

The two-position visor is thicker than most for a robust look and feel. A cap hides the screws that hold the visor to the helmet for a clean look. Sunglasses clip securely to the visor as shown above, and with the visor in the up position there’s room for goggle storage.

Speaking of goggles, the Jackal includes a rough goggle-strap grip area at the back to make sure straps stay secure and don’t slip.

In addition to circumference adjustments, the retention system can also be moved up or down for a better fit.

Finally, Lazer includes a helmet accessory mount with the Jackal for attaching a camera or light. The attachment plops into one of the center vents and is compatible with GoPro-style mounts. One minor gripe is there’s no good spot to also strap a battery to the helmet.

Lazer offers crash replacement for the Jackal with proof of purchase, so keep that receipt! Overall, the Jackal is a great addition to the Lazer line and it’s a helmet that’s versatile enough for almost any type of off-road riding.

MSRP: $179.99.

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