Urge BP Lunar MTB Helmet: 80% Recycled and so Enduro [Review]

The shell, visor, and strap on the Urge Lunar full face mountain bike helmet are all made from recycled materials.

What a load of packaging and consumables our forest-bound sport can create. Folks who get to ride frequently will need a new helmet once every season or so, a few sets of tires annually, chains and drivetrain bits, all manner of oils, and potentially a set of fresh brake pads every second weekend depending on terrain and ride duration. Those consumables and requisite packaging add up to a full trash can, and a few product designers are doing their part to reduce it.

The farsighted French team at Urge BP took a conscious step to minimize their carbon footprint with the latest Lunar full face helmet. The shell is made from recycled EPS, the visor from recycled ABS, and the straps woven from recycled PET, for a combined total of 80% recycled materials utilized throughout. While finding ways to recycle our helmets once they’re spent is also important, using recycled materials seems to be a smart step in the right direction.

I think we are a kind of pioneer regarding enduro racing full face helmets since 2011. Tracy Moseley won the first EWS title with the Archi Enduro. The Lunar is just the last kid.

Today we are proud to produce the complete 2021 range with recycled stuff from the car industry. From 75% to 95% depending the helmet.

-Urge BP cofounder, Fred Glo

With founding roots buried in the first mountain bike enduros of 2003, it’s no surprise that Urge BP created this featherweight piece of protection for long descents and transfers alike. At 876g for the size L/XL, it weighs 218g more than the iXS Trigger full face that we tested last year and significantly less than some other full face helmets we have reviewed. The grams are cut by using a classic “trident” style chin strap buckle and a stationary visor. Folks who want an adjustable visor and heavier chin strap closure might want to take a look at the Urge BP downhill offerings.

A size L/XL Lunar fits my skull well, with a relatively snug grip so it won’t pop off on impact and adequate breathing room to keep the full face headaches away. There are twelve vents in the main shell and three larger holes in the chin guard. Those dozen shell vents are not connected to one another in the internal foam, and instead, the removable liner connects the vents for consistent airflow. There seems to be slightly less airflow through the main shell, but the Lunar is not excessively hot on warm days. Urge BP seems to have found a useable balance between ventilation and overall protective coverage.

The three massive holes in the chin guard are large enough to drink water or spit through with a little aiming practice. Trail debris will definitely get through the chin guard vents on impact, but the guard itself is undoubtedly robust enough to prevent the kind of face-on-trail injuries that we all wear full face helmets to prevent. The whole setup is tough enough to earn the ASTM F1952 downhill certification, which is impressive for a lid this light.

Enduro racers will appreciate the removable cheek padding in the Lunar that snaps in and out easily to make the shell a little cooler on climbs. All of the lining can be removed and cleaned in four separate pieces when the time comes.

While a fixed visor position isn’t for everyone, it does make the helmet less complicated and therefore lighter. Lunar owners will have to store their goggles in the reverse position, or dangling from the handlebar in their fancy microfiber sack.

  • Price: 169€
  • Weight: 876g for the size L/Xl tested
  • Color options: matte black, gloss green, matte white
  • 15 vents
  • Removable and washable padding, 80% recycled construction
  • ASTM F1952 downhill certified

We would like to thank Urge BP for sending the Lunar full face helmet for testing and review.

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