Lightweight XC and Trail Protection with the Rudy Project Crossway MTB Helmet

If light weight and cash savings are atop your MTB helmet purchasing criterion, this is a good lid to consider.

The longer your trail adventure is, the more a few extra grams can matter. This size large Crossway helmet from Rudy Project weighs precisely 275g. Comparing that to the Fox Speedframe MIPS I tested this summer, at 422g, the Crossway is a feathery piece of protection. However, the MIPS insert in the Fox makes up a good amount of that weight difference and adds rotational impact protection that some folks value.

If you’re looking for a lightweight and affordable half shell that skips the noise, weight, and heat factors associated with MIPS, read on below.

Fit is a crucial element for helmets since we spend more time just wearing them than we do crashing in them. The Crossway has a balanced hold on my head that remains comfortable on long excursions, with a 360° angle-adjustable retention system. The padding sits softly against my forehead skin, and wicks sweat as well as most others. One of the coolest features in this helmet is the webbing between the front vents to keep insects from entering. That same webbing does also prohibit the usual sunglasses storage spot, so you’ll need to find a different garage for those when things become steamy.

With 23 wide-open vents across the shell, the Crossway has ample ports for heat and sweat to escape. While a few of the frontal vents are linked inside to create airflow within the shell, most are not. This means that much of the EPS sits against your head between the holes, keeping body heat right where it came from. Fortunately, with such a large number of vents, the helmet feels fairly cool and should work well on warmer rides.

The visor casts a standard amount of shade, and its position is fixed to save weight. As with sunglasses, riders will have to find somewhere else to put their goggles since there’s no space below the visor to store them nor to put a strap with the goggles on backward. The Crossway has more of a cross-country vibe overall, and maybe goggle storage isn’t a hot attribute.

If weight and cash savings are atop your helmet purchasing criterion, this is a good lid to consider. The Crossway comes in six colors, and retails for €99.

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