Bluegrass Eagle Has a new Half Shell Mountain Bike Helmet Called the Rogue

The Bluegrass Eagle Rogue and Rogue Core MIPS are new vented, half shell mountain bike helmets.

Italy’s Bluegrass Eagle has a set of new half-shell helmets on offer called the Rogue and Rogue Core MIPS. I’ve taken a few spins in the MIPS version, and fortunately, no spills to report — yet. This lid feels light and cozy, with a dialed fit system and all the features that we’ve come to expect from top-shelf head protection. We will have a full review of the Rogue Core MIPS later this autumn. For now, here are the details.

Bluegrass Eagle is a sister brand of MET Helmets, with an expressed focus on enduro, downhill, and BMX riding and racing. The gravity and intensity of those cycling sports are reflected in all of the gear from Bluegrass, including this new headshell. The designers lowered coverage over the most vulnerable cranial areas, namely the temples and the back of the skull. Both the MIPS and non-MIPS versions cover about as much of your dome as a half shell can without having a full moto-trials look.

The Fidlock secured chin strap is molded into a solid piece of the shell so there’s no open foam to scratch and dent over time. A 360° retention system employs the usual rotary wheel to snug things up, and the tilt of the shell can be adjusted between two positions.

The Rogue’s visor is widely adjustable, goggle-compatible, and the slots along the top also function as a garage for your sunglasses. The visor is notably flexible, designed to fold and move rather than forcing your head to go a particular direction on impact. Sixteen total vents under and around the visor keep the air and steam flowing on through.

The size large MIPS model that I’m testing weighs 379g and retails for €150 while the non-MIPS helmet sells for €100. MET is working to find an official US distributor, and once they do the Rogue will sell for $120 alongside the $180 MIPS model.