What are Your Mountain Bike Goals for 2024?

What are your goals for mountain biking in 2024?
Photo: Edward Shoote

Wouldn’t it be great if every year we could get all of our dream rides in and call it good? Unfortunately for most of us, that just isn’t the way life works, with finite amounts of money and vacation time.

But every year is a chance to do something different with mountain biking, whether it’s your first race, smashing the amount of miles you rode in a previous year, or the annual bikepacking trip with friends.

The possibilities are endless, really.

I’ll go first: I’d like to plan a 2-3 day bikepacking trip with some friends on a route not yet known and get back down to New Mexico for some downhill at Angel Fire–it’s been too many years since.

What are yours? Tell us in a comment and Happy New Years. 🎉🥳