Buying a Mountain Bike, Then Racing it 1000km Across Switzerland [Podcast #215]

Greg Jacob is a self-described
photo: Pascal Cazaux

On this Episode

Greg Jacob is a self-described “regular” guy who decided to attempt the Navad 1000, a 621-mile, single-stage mountain bike race across Switzerland with more than 100,000ft. of climbing along the way. He’s here to talk about how he went from basically zero mountain bike experience to completing a grueling race in just a short time.

In this episode, Greg shares:

  • His background in terms of fitness and spending time outdoors
  • His inspiration for signing up for the Navad 1000 
  • How he prepared himself for the race.
  • The biggest challenges he faced in his training.
  • What surprised him about mountain biking relative to other sports he’s more familiar with, like road cycling.
  • How turning 40 this year puts him at a disadvantage for adventures like this, but also gives him some advantages.
  • Plans for mountain bike adventures in the future.

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