30 of the Freshest Bikepacking Bags to Hit the Market

A complete Oveja Negra bikepacking setup. Photo: Greg Heil

While bikepacking participation continues to climb, the growth in the production of bikepacking products–specifically bags–is accelerating at an exponential pace. While these bags are useful for long bikepacking trips, many riders–myself included–have found that these bags have great applications for day rides as well.

Here are 30 of the newest bags to hit the market:

Oveja Negra Chuck Bucket


Oveja Negra has offered a full complement of bags for years, but they’ve just added another option to their lineup: the new Chuck Bucket. Not even listed on their website yet, I got my hands on one of the first production models from their workshop in Salida, CO.

This rendition of the handlebar-mounted feed sack is larger than most that you’ll find on the market today and can fit a full one-liter Nalgene, if you so desire. The sides are also padded, which in preliminary testing I’ve found to provide excellent rigidity and to also insulation for keeping beverages cold. A velcro mesh pocket on the outside allows you to store some odds and ends to keep them easily accessible. Finally, the closure on the top of the Chuck Bucket can be both opened and closed with one hand.

MSRP: $50



Photo: Helena Kotala
Photo: Helena Kotala

AcePac is a new frame bag brand out of the Czech Republic that manufactures their bags from Cordura ecomade fabric, which consists of recycled materials. It looks like their products will be available sometime this fall, and eventually they’ll have a Bar Roll Bag, Bar Bag, Saddle Bag, Saddle Grab, Zip Frame Bag, Roll Frame Bag, Fuel Bag in multiple sizes, Roll Fuel Bag, Tube Bag, Bike Bottle Bag, Fat Bottle Bag, Minima Pot Bag, Minima Set Bag, a backpack, and even cookware, sleeping bags, tents, and more–a complete lineup!

Photo: Helena Kotala
Photo: Helena Kotala



New line of waterproof bags.

Ortlieb could be considered the original frame bag manufacturer, with prototype sketches from the 1980s that look exactly like the modern triangle frame bags flooding the market today. Ortlieb was founded in 1982 in an attempt to find a way to haul camping gear on a bike, without the gear getting wet. To that end, Ortlieb utilized a seam welding technique that is impregnable to water–the same technique they use to build their bags today.


New for 2017 is a fresh set of waterproof bags from Ortlieb. This includes an Accessory-Pack, Handlebar-Pack, Seat-Pack, and Frame-Pack.


Revelate Designs

Waterproof handlebar camera bag.
Waterproof handlebar camera bag.

Revelate is one of the most dominant names in the frame bag industry, and while they’ve offered a very complete line for a long time, many of their bags saw updates this year. For instance, their feed bag now offers one-hand operation for both opening and closing–similar to the Oveja Negra Chuck Bucket mentioned above.


Many of their bags now offer hook and loop closures to remove as many moving parts as possible, like this handlebar bag.


The main triangle bag is now more waterproof, and stretchy material near the zipper relieves pressure on that weak spot when the bag is fully stuffed:


Totally new for this year is a waterproof handlebar mounted camera bag with padding inside:



Photo: Jeff Barber
Photo: Jeff Barber

Topeak has recently reorganized their full bag line, with a handlebar bag (the Frontloader), saddle bag (the Backloader), top tube bag (the Toploader), and frame bag (the Midloader).


Photo: Aaron Chamberlain

Blackburn has added a frame bag, handlebar roll, top tube bag, and seat bag to their line. For more info, be sure to check out Aaron’s Blackburn article.

Photo: Aaron Chamberlain
Photo: Aaron Chamberlain