Topeak Burrito Pack Seat Bag Works Great for Tire Repair Kit [Review]

The Topeak Burrito Pack is a bike saddle bag that's compact and easy to use for carrying flat repair items on the trail.
Topeak Burrito pack seat bag review

Old-fashioned bike seat bags were bulky, rigid vessels featuring a zippered closure that was always getting jammed up with grit. Driven in part by the needs of bikepackers, today’s seat bags are much better but many are too big to strap on for everyday rides. The Topeak Burrito Pack shrinks everything down to a manageable size and offers a flexible package for toting trail essentials.

Topeak Tool Bag burrito pack

The Burrito Pack appears to be so named because it’s the size of a burrito, and it also folds up in a similar way. Laid out flat and open, there are three slots for storing small items. One of the slots can be used to further organize even smaller items like CO2 cartridges or a tire plug tool using elastic bands sewn into the back.

The packaging and marketing materials for the Burrito Pack show a road bike tube folded neatly inside, along with CO2 cartridges and no pump. I was determined to fit a true mountain bike tire flat repair kit inside, and while it ended up being a tight fit, I was to cram the following inside:

  • 29er tube (a Tubolito, made from thermoplastic polyurethane, making it much more compact than a traditional tube)
  • Topeak Race Rocket pump (approximately 7 inches long)
  • A 2oz. bottle of Stans tubeless tire sealant
  • Slug Plug tool and tire plugs
  • A tire lever
  • Topeak patch kit (I don’t actually think these will work on the Tubolito tube so they are just in case someone else can use them)

To get the velcro to attach when the pack is folded I need to angle the pump, and a regular 29er tube is going to be a tight fit, if it fits at all. There’s probably still room for a CO2 inflater and a cartridge or two which could come in handy for re-seating a tubeless bead. Other than that, I feel extremely well prepared with this kit.

Adding other items to the pack like a multitool or a snack probably isn’t a good idea since getting inside requires removing the bag from the bike, unfolding, then reversing the whole process when you’re done. Flat repair items are a good choice because chances are if you’re changing or fixing a tire, it’s not going to be a quick stop anyway.

The whole package stays compact and tied together using two elastic bands, and a wide velcro strap attaches the pack to saddle rails. Unlike old-fashioned saddle packs, there’s no rattling since the bag packs down to the size of the items inside. The velcro band secures the pack tightly.

I’ve been riding with the Burrito Pack on my hardtail which has a 175mm dropper post and the pack doesn’t come anywhere close to my rear tire. However, riders with full suspension bikes might find their rear tire buzzes their Burrito in certain situations. The good news is the Burrito Pack can be mounted on a top tube as well, either on the top of the tube or underneath.

The Topeak Burrito Pack is constructed from sturdy fabric and appears to be well built. The simple design makes it a no brainer for stashing items riders don’t want to carry and keep track of elsewhere.

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