Topeak Prepstand Pro Bike Repair Stand: It’s all in the Head [Review]

The Topeak Prepstand Pro features a built in digital scale, premium vice-grip jaw, and aluminum construction.

Anyone with a decent head on their shoulders knew that when it came to group work in challenging classes at school, it was wise to pick someone with an even better head. For me, that was math class. Fortunately, my introverted self always got along with the people in math class who had better heads than me, and we combined their math skills with my legible penmanship for success.

The Topeak Prepstand Pro has been my better-headed partner lately. With the ergonomical and efficiency-enhancing cranks and clamps on the pro-level bike stand, this premium tripod has aided me to mechanical success.

There’s nothing groundbreaking about the overall design of the Topeak Prepstand Pro. It’s a basic tripod design made from 6061 T6 aluminum for a total weight of about 13.7 pounds. That 13.7 pounds of aluminum can handle a max weight of 55 pounds in its jaws. The cost attached to the stand is $300. (Available online at Todson and other retailers.)

The main tube telescopes for an adjustable height and the head can rotate anywhere around the stand’s circumference. There are two quick release clamps along the main tube that make it easy to bring the head higher or lower. If you remember how to drop your seat before a descent on a bike from ten years ago, then you can easily operate these levers. The levers feel smooth and sturdy.

Because those who might be interested a stand like the Prepstand Pro might also be the type to wrench on their own rigs at races or as a traveling mechanic, the stand comes with a carry bag and it’s a breeze to pack the stand up. There’s no holding the stand down with your foot and pulling the seams of the bag up and around to get it to zip. Fold the stand, put it in the bag, zip, and go.

Most of the magic in the Topeak stand is in the head. The clamp head rotates fully and has rubber jaws for an easy touch on any frame. Outside of the clamp is a little crank to open or close the jaws, similar to the way one would sharpen a pencil on an old-timey sharpener. The crank also feels seamless and makes yanking the bike out of the stand even easier.

One of my favorite features on the Prepstand Pro is the scale. There’s a little rubberized pad on the top of the head, which makes a resting point for the nose of the saddle and will give a digital display of the weight. This sure beats having to throw bikes on a floor scale.

Closing thoughts

The Topeak Prepstand Pro is a dialed and seamless bike repair stand that mechanics and DIYers will appreciate.

⭐️ Find the Topeak Prepstand Pro online at Todson and other retailers.