Are $25 Rockbros Flat Pedals Any Good for Mountain Biking? [Review]

Rockbros nylon flat pedals are priced less than better-known brands so we decided to see how they perform on the trail.

If you’ve ever shopped for bike gear on Amazon, chances are you’ve come across items from a brand called Rockbros. Their gear is generally priced cheaper than name-brand equipment, though it’s hard to say if any of it is good. One Singletracks commenter mentioned being pleased with a set of Rockbros pedals in our flat pedal roundup, so I decided to try a pair of Rockbros nylon flat pedals myself.

Rockbros nylon flat pedal specs

  • Weight: 369g (pair)
  • Nylon platform with chromoly spindle and DU bearing
  • 10 replaceable pins per side
  • 120x105mm platform (claimed)
  • Price: $34.99 on the Rockbros website, $29.99 MSRP on Amazon
  • Buy from Amazon. (currently on sale for $24.99)

The Rockbros nylon platform pedals are available in five colors and are made from a similar composite material used by better-known brands. Nylon fiber pedals are durable and generally lighter weight than their aluminum counterparts with these tipping the scales at 369g for the pair. They’re not the lightest nylon flat pedals Singletracks has tested, but they’re also not the heaviest.

The spindle remains clean and well lubed.

Inside, the Rockbros nylon pedals feature a chromoly spindle and DU bearing. DU bearings are “self-lubricating, metal-polymer plain bearings” coated with PTFE, the same material that makes Teflon non-stick and Gore-Tex waterproof yet breathable. The result is a free spinning pedal with little resistance.

I removed the spindle from one pedal after about 150 miles of fall riding and found the coat of factory lube remained clean and consistent. The rubber seals on the inside of the pedal appear similar to those on more expensive pedals I’ve tested and do a good job keeping grit and dirt on the outside.

The Rockbros nylon pedals have nearly 6,400 reviews and ratings on Amazon, and 81% are five stars out of five. Of course we should take all online ratings with a grain of salt; still, that’s a lot of stars. Ninety three percent rate the pedals at least four stars.

Of the one-star ratings, a few buyers say their pedal body separated from the spindle due to the end nut and/or bearing failing. A couple photos show examples of the pedal body cracked in half. One single-star reviewer says his pedal failed after 11 months and 1,400 miles of riding which is disappointing and potentially dangerous but also perhaps not unexpected for a $25 pedal.

Rockbros says the pedal platform is 120x105mm, though by my own measurement that’s generous. I suspect they’re measuring the overall dimensions, rather than the usable space on one side of the pedal (there’s some overhang on the leading edges). I’d say the real measurement is closer to 100x100mm which is on the medium-small side for MTB flat pedals.

This smaller platform size can feel a little harsh on longer rides when hot spots tend to appear. But the upshot, for me anyway, is fewer pedal strikes with the Rockbros nylon pedals than with larger platform flat pedals.

Ten replaceable pins on each side deliver good grip, and they’re sharp enough to shred shins and calves alike. I tested the pedals with a pair of Shimano GR5 shoes and found they lock together nicely without shredding the soles.

The name Rockbros sounds like a ripoff of Crankbrothers, though this particular pedal looks a lot like a Race Face. A Race Face Chester, to be specific, though another Amazon pedal, the Fooker, looks like an even more direct copy. The Rockbros have ten pins instead of eight on the Chester, and the shape of the body is pretty different on closer inspection.

The thing is, priced at $25 on sale, the Rockbros pedals aren’t that much cheaper than the Chesters which are currently selling for $35 on Amazon. Ten dollars is basically the price of a Chipotle burrito and for that amount, buyers get a crash-inclusive lifetime warranty with the Race Face pedals compared to a one-year, manufacturer’s defect warranty on the Rockbros. (Note: the Rockbros warranty does not apply to purchases made through Amazon according to the policy linked above.) At their full retail prices, the $35 Rockbros are a little more than half the cost of the $60 Chesters, which admittedly changes the calculus a bit.

The Rockbros pedals are clearly scuffed and worn after testing, though likely no less than any other pair of composites. Most importantly they’re still spinning smooth and clean and the pins have plenty of life left.

Pros and cons of the Rockbros nylon flat pedals


  • Inexpensive
  • Good quality construction and materials
  • Good grip


  • Platform size is on the lower end
  • Limited to non-existent warranty

Bottom line

We’re all price conscious to different degrees, and for many, the lower price on the Rockbros nylon flat pedals delivers the right mix of performance and value. They’re not a zero risk purchase, but then again, mountain biking isn’t zero risk either.