Updated Race Face Atlas Flat Pedal Gains Durability and Grips Tenaciously

Was one new flat pedal release in a week not enough? You’re in luck, as we have another with the redesigned Race Face Atlas (available now at REI). This pedal is a crowd favorite, having smashed into stones and ripped rubber soles for quite some time now. Race Face says that the pedals have been fully redesigned for better serviceability and durability, and they now include a lifetime warranty. We’re far from the service interval for these pedals, however, a few solid weeks of soggy pedaling with them have revealed some key characteristics.

Platforms for the Atlas pedals span 110mm x 108mm with a properly low-profile 12mm thickness, and weigh 376g per side. Each of the rebuildable internals rolls on a Chromoly axle with an oversized bushing and bearing that reportedly spins longer before developing any play. The anodized finish is available in eight colors, including this raw silver look that foregoes the scratching-in phase.

With ten long pins on either side, there’s no shortage of shoe-grip from the Atlas in all but the grossest of mud conditions. The height of those long sole spikes can be adjusted by adding or removing the included spacers, and if you want one side set up shorter for jumping and the other super-grippy and rock-garden-ready, those characteristics can be achieved. I found that the pins kept my foot too locked in at their full extension point (pictured), and since I added the spacers to shorten them I’ve been able to make quick foot angle adjustments without losing much of that ever-important grip.

Like a lot of flat pedals, the updated Atlas is concaved to let your shoe sink in a little, wrapping its rubber deeper into the platform for an even better pin connection. With the pin height dialed, I find these pedals offer as much grip as any top-model I’ve tried. The alloy body fits nicely under my size 43 shoes and I haven’t had many issues with pedal strikes like those I’ve experienced with some larger flats.

⭐️ You can pick up a pair of Atlas pedals in your favorite color for $179.99 ($219.99 CAD) at REI and any Race Face dealer.

Party laps

  • As sticky as you like
  • Thin platform
  • Multiple colorways

Pros and cons of the Race Face Atlas pedals.

Dirt naps

  • More expensive than some others