New Loam Alloy Flat Pedals from PNW Offer Solid Underfoot Feel

PNW Components has a new alloy set of mountain bike pedals on offer called Loam, and we've enjoyed stamping on them for the past few weeks.

Between the forced skills improvement and the ability to walk through a pub without sliding on cleats, flat pedals are full of advantages. PNW Components has a new alloy set on offer called Loam Pedals, and we’ve enjoyed stamping on them for the past few weeks. The name is apt since wet loam tends to play better with flat shoes than it does cleats.

Loam pedals weigh roughly 445g total and they grip rubber soles with 22 long pins per platform. The 105mm wide x 115mm long platform fits well under my size 43 shoe, with little material sticking out to catch on ruts and roots. Inside, a pair of cartridge bearings and a roller bearing are fully serviceable, as we can expect from any PNW components. Each pedal body is made of forged and post-CNC’d 6061 aluminum, finished in black, silver, or purple colorways with the usual PNW graphics along the inner struts.

In terms of trail feel, these pedals are dialed. I recently switched to flats, and plan to give the platform a full season to say its piece. These pedals seem to have an ideal size and shape to fit right under a shoe without awkward edges sticking out and causing excessive pedal strikes. The pin placement and length are slightly less aggressive than some others I’ve tried, allowing for speedy sole repositioning. When it’s time to pedal hard into a rise or sprint out of a turn these pedals allow just enough grip-forgiveness to make foot adjustments while they provide ample adhesion when your heels are dipped on the rough stuff.

The Loam platform is lightly concaved in a way that feels natural. Your shoe dips into the middle of the pedal body just enough to create a good feel while digging the pins in, but it’s not so scooped out that your shoe is overly flexed. This cozy position results in a comfortable daylong platform to push against on the way up and down trail.

  • Price: $99
  • Available at Amazon.

Party laps

  • Great shape and size
  • Good grip balance for foot mobility
  • Fully serviceable

Pros and cons of the PNW Loam pedals.

Dirt naps

  • Somewhat heavier than the competition