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Trail NameCityRatingLengthDifficultyTopo MapConditions
66 Trail System topo mapPrineville5.3-
8 Mile Loop/ Tr #459 topo mapHood River7.0Intermediate bike trail
Alpine Trail topo mapOakridge20.0Intermediate bike trail
Alsea Falls Recreation Site topo mapCorvallis12.0Intermediate bike trail
Arnold Ice Cave topo mapBend10.0Advanced bike trail
Bald Hill Park And Fitton Green topo mapCorvallis2.0Easiest bike trail
Ben's Lower topo mapBend5.0Intermediate bike trail
Ben's Upper topo mapBend2.0Advanced bike trail
Blackrock Freeride Trails topo mapFalls City10.0Intermediate bike trail
Boyd Cave Trail topo mapBend7.0-
Brice Creek topo mapCottage Grove11.0Intermediate bike trail
Brown Mountain topo mapLakecreek20.0-
Burma Peak System topo mapDallas10.0Intermediate bike trail
C.O.D. topo mapBend4.0Intermediate bike trail
Cape Mountain Trail System topo mapFlorence10.0Intermediate bike trail
Castle Rock topo mapRainbow27.0Expert bike trail
Catamount Trail topo mapSilverton7.0Beginner bike trail
Catch and release topo mapBend5.0Intermediate bike trail
Cathedral Hills Trails topo mapGrants Pass5.0Intermediate bike trail
Cedar Creek/15-Mile topo mapParkdale12.0-
Cole loop topo mapTerrebonne13.0-
Cooks Butte topo mapLake Oswego3.0Intermediate bike trail
Cooks Meadow Trail/ #639 topo mapHood River4.0Advanced bike trail
Cooper Creek Trail topo mapSutherlin3.0Beginner bike trail
Crater Rim Trail topo mapBend26.0Intermediate bike trail
Cummins Creek topo mapYachats5.0Intermediate bike trail
Dans Trail topo mapCorvallis4.0Beginner bike trail
Dead Mountain Trail topo mapOakridge2.0Intermediate bike trail
Defibrillator topo mapSeaside2.0-
Deschutes River topo mapBend14.0Beginner bike trail
Deschutes River - Harrison Ranch topo mapThe Dalles20.0Beginner bike trail
Dimple Alt Face topo mapCorvallis5.0-
Dinah Moe Humm topo mapBend8.0Intermediate bike trail
Discovery trail topo mapLong Beach10.0-
Dog River Trail topo mapMount Hood12.0-
Dutchman topo mapBend25.0-
Dutchman Flagline Loop topo mapBend14.0Advanced bike trail
Eagle's Rest topo mapOakridge3.0Advanced bike trail
East Ridge up - North Ridge down topo mapPhilomath12.0-
easyCLIMB topo mapCascade Locks5.0Easiest bike trail
Echo Hills Vinyard Mtb Trail System topo mapEcho Oregon21.0Intermediate bike trail
Echo Trail Tr. 3309 topo mapRainbow3.0-
Eco Park/Willamette River Trail topo mapCanby3.0Beginner bike trail
Edison Lava Trail topo mapBend8.0Intermediate bike trail
Elijiah Bristow State Park topo mapEugene-Lowell13.0Beginner bike trail
Elkhorn Crest National Recreation Trail #1611 topo mapBaker City2.0Expert bike trail
Entrada Loop Trail topo mapBend3.0Easiest bike trail
Eula Ridge topo mapOakridge6.0Advanced bike trail
Extendo topo mapCorvallis1.0-
Farewell topo mapBend4.0Intermediate bike trail
Fenceline topo mapLa Grande12.0-
Firelane 1 topo mapPortland1.0-
Flagline Trail topo mapBend9.0Intermediate bike trail
Flume Creek topo mapHood River5.0-
Forest Park - Leif Erikson Drive topo mapPortland12.0Beginner bike trail
Funner topo mapBend7.0Advanced bike trail
Gnat Creek trail topo mapClatskanie6.0Beginner bike trail
Gold Lake To Bobby Lake topo mapOakridge13.0Intermediate bike trail
Goodman Creek topo mapOakridge14.0Intermediate bike trail
Grayback Trail topo mapWilliams8.0-
Greenwater Park topo mapOakridge3.0Beginner bike trail
Grizzly Peak Trail topo mapAshland3.0Intermediate bike trail
Gunsight Ridge topo mapGovernment Camp19.0-
Hagg Lake topo mapForest Grove14.0Intermediate bike trail
Hardesty Mountain topo mapOakridge6.0Intermediate bike trail
High Horse topo mapCorvallis1.0-
Indian Creek (Lower) topo mapHood River2.0-
Inn Loop topo mapBend13.0-
Jacksonville Woodlands topo mapJacksonville3.0-
Juniper Trailhead topo mapRedmond13.0Intermediate bike trail
Kents to Phils, chicken, KGB, Marvins topo mapBend21.0-
LaPine State Park topo mapLaPine15.0Intermediate bike trail
Larison Creek Trail topo mapOakridge11.0Intermediate bike trail
Larison Rock topo mapOakridge5.0Advanced bike trail
Larsen Trail topo mapBend3.0Intermediate bike trail
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