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Trail NameCityRatingLengthDifficultyTopo MapConditions
286 Main Loop topo mapCary13.9Intermediate bike trail
5 Falls Dupont Sf topo mapBrevard12.0Beginner bike trail
7 Oaks Thread Trail topo mapBelmont1.8Beginner bike trail
Advanced East Section topo mapNew Hill0.4-
Advanced Skill Park Access topo mapNew Hill0.0-
Advanced Skills Lines topo mapNew Hill0.1-
Advanced Skills Loop topo mapNew Hill0.1-
Advanced South Section topo mapNew Hill0.9-
Airstrip Trail topo mapBrevard0.5Intermediate bike trail
Alexander Mountain Bike Park topo mapAsheville7.0Intermediate bike trail
All American Singletrack topo mapFt. Bragg16.0Intermediate bike trail
All American Trail topo mapFt. Bragg8.0Easiest bike trail
Alt Explorer / 377a topo mapAsheville0.1-
American Tobacco Trail topo mapDurham23.0Easiest bike trail
Antler Hill Road topo mapAsheville0.6-
Arnette Park topo mapFayetteville2.0Beginner bike trail
Art Loeb Bypass topo mapBrevard0.0-
Auger Hole Trail topo mapBrevard4.2-
Avery Creek / 327 topo mapBrevard2.5Intermediate bike trail
Back Creek topo mapMorganton9.0-
Back Yard Trails topo mapCharlotte11.0Advanced bike trail
Bad Fork Trail / 227 topo mapMarion0.4-
Badin Lake Trail topo mapTroy6.0Intermediate bike trail
Bailey Mountain Bike Park topo mapMarshall5.0Beginner bike trail
Bald Eagle topo mapGreensboro3.5Beginner bike trail
Ballantyne Short Track topo mapCharlotte1.0Beginner bike trail
Barrington loop topo mapWaxhaw2.0Beginner bike trail
Bear Branch topo mapAvery Creek0.8-
Bear Hollow topo mapGreensboro0.1-
Beaucatcher Mountain Trails topo mapAsheville5.0Intermediate bike trail
Beaver Dam topo mapRaleigh10.0Intermediate bike trail
Beaver Pond Trail topo mapRaleigh0.3-
Beech Mountain Resort topo mapBanner Elk5.0Advanced bike trail
Beginner Loop topo mapNew Hill0.7-
Bennett Gap / 138 topo mapBrevard2.6Advanced bike trail
Bent Creek topo mapAsheville30.0Intermediate bike trail
Bicycle Post Trails topo mapGreenville10.0Intermediate bike trail
Big Creek topo mapBrevard4.8-
Big Rock Trail #3 topo mapBrevard1.0Advanced bike trail
Bigleaf Slopes Park topo mapStatesville3.0Intermediate bike trail
Bill Heffner Elementary School topo mapFayetteville6.0Beginner bike trail
Biltmore Estate Path topo mapAsheville0.8-
Biltmore Trails topo mapAsheville33.0Beginner bike trail
Black Diamond Natural topo mapNew Hill0.1-
Black Forest topo mapBoone0.3-
Black Mountain topo mapBrevard5.1Advanced bike trail
Blackrock #447 topo mapCashiers1.5Advanced bike trail
Blue Clay Bike Park topo mapWilmington7.0Intermediate bike trail
Blue Heron topo mapGreensboro2.4Intermediate bike trail
Blue Trail topo mapAsheville0.8-
Boat Rock topo mapBoone3.1-
Bodenheimer Parking Lot Trail topo mapBoone2.0-
Boone Greenway topo mapBoone2.3-
Border Trail topo mapRaleigh0.7-
Boyd Branch / 665 topo mapAsheville0.6Intermediate bike trail
Bracken Mountain topo mapBrevard1.3-
Bracken Preserve topo mapBrevard8.0Intermediate bike trail
Bradley Creek / 351 topo mapMills River4.1Intermediate bike trail
Brevard Bike Path topo mapBrevard3.0-
Briar Chapel topo mapChapel Hill5.0Advanced bike trail
Bridal Veil Falls topo mapBrevard0.1-
Broad River Greenway topo mapBoiling Springs2.0Beginner bike trail
Brown's Creek Nature Park topo mapElizabethtown9.0Beginner bike trail
Brumley Forest topo mapChapel Hill9.0Intermediate bike trail
Brunswick Nature Park topo mapLeland6.0Intermediate bike trail
Brushy Creek topo mapBrevard1.8-
Buck Lane topo mapGreensboro0.9-
Buckeye Loop topo mapChapel Hill2.0-
Buckhorn Gap / 103 (Avery Creek) topo mapBrevard2.0Advanced bike trail
Buckhorn Gap / 103 (Clawhammer Creek) topo mapBrevard1.6-
Buckwheat Knob / 122 topo mapBrevard0.8Advanced bike trail
Buffalo Creek Park: The Head, The Heart & The Tail (HHT) topo mapLake Lure2.0Intermediate bike trail
Buffalo Creek Trail topo mapGreensboro0.8-
Burnt Tree Peninsula topo mapHayesville0.7Intermediate bike trail
Butter Gap / Trail #123 topo mapBrevard1.6Advanced bike trail
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