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Trail NameCityRatingLengthDifficultyTopo MapConditions
754 Loop topo mapNovi0.5-
Addison Oaks topo mapLeonard7.0Intermediate bike trail
Adventure Trails topo mapGreenland6.0Advanced bike trail
Al Quaal topo mapIshpeming7.0Intermediate bike trail
Al Sabo topo mapKalamazoo6.0Beginner bike trail
Allegan Mountain Bike Trail topo mapAllegan1.0Intermediate bike trail
Allegan State Game Area topo mapAllegan16.0Beginner bike trail
Alma Mountain Bike Trail topo mapAlma3.0Beginner bike trail
Anderson Park topo mapLansing6.0Intermediate bike trail
Andrew's University Trail topo mapBerrien Springs11.0Intermediate bike trail
Applesauce mnt. bike trail topo mapCalumet1.4-
Appleton Loop topo mapBrighton1.6Intermediate bike trail
Arcadia Dunes topo mapArcadia12.0Intermediate bike trail
Arch Rock Bicycle Trail topo mapMackinac City0.6-
Aspen Park topo mapGaylord3.4Beginner bike trail
Atwater Trail topo mapKalamazoo2.0-
Auto Flo topo mapHancock0.5-
Avalanche Preserve topo mapBoyne City6.0Intermediate bike trail
Baby Blue topo mapMarquette0.3-
Back Country mnt. bike trail topo mapCalumet0.7-
Back Nine topo mapRochester0.6-
Bald Mtn Rec Area topo mapLake Orion12.0Beginner bike trail
Barber Chair topo mapManistee1.2-
Bass River Recreation Area topo mapLamont3.8Beginner bike trail
Bemis Road Connector topo mapYpsilanti0.2-
Bennett Park topo mapCharlotte 8.0Intermediate bike trail
Bertha topo mapMarquette0.3-
Betsie River Pathways topo mapThompsonville10.0Beginner bike trail
Big M topo mapManistee20.0Intermediate bike trail
Big Wheel topo mapManistee0.7-
Bindle Stiff topo mapManistee1.2-
Black mountain recreation area topo mapCheboygan17.0Beginner bike trail
Bloomer Park topo mapRochester Hills7.0Intermediate bike trail
Boyne Highlands topo mapHarbor Springs8.0Advanced bike trail
Boyne Mountain topo mapBoyne Falls10.0Intermediate bike trail
Boyne School Forest topo mapBoyne City8.0Intermediate bike trail
Brighton Rec Area topo mapBrighton23.0Intermediate bike trail
Bruno's Run topo mapMunising10.0Beginner bike trail
Bullwacker topo mapManistee3.2-
Burchfield topo mapMason7.5Intermediate bike trail
Burns Rd topo mapSanford17.0Intermediate bike trail
Cadillac Pathway topo mapCadillac12.0Beginner bike trail
Camp 24 topo mapManistee1.5-
Cannon Township Mountain Bike Trail topo mapRockford1.0Beginner bike trail
Cannonsburg Ski Area topo mapCannonsburg11.0Intermediate bike trail
Cannonsburg State Game Area topo mapGrand Rapids16.0Intermediate bike trail
Cappers Peak topo mapManistee0.2-
Cartier Park topo mapLudington4.0-
Catamount topo mapManistee2.9-
Cheat Stick topo mapManistee0.4-
Cheboygan State Park topo mapCheboygan6.0Beginner bike trail
Chikaming topo mapThree Oaks6.0Intermediate bike trail
Chippewa Hills topo mapAlpena County0.0Intermediate bike trail
Chunder Muffin topo mapMarquette0.3-
Clear Lake topo mapAtlanda4.0-
Clinton River Park topo mapSterling Heights5.0Beginner bike trail
Copper Harbor Trails topo mapCopper Harbor37.0Advanced bike trail
Copper Peak topo mapIronwood6.0Intermediate bike trail
Copper Ridge Freeride topo mapTraverse City0.0Advanced bike trail
Corkpine topo mapManistee0.8-
Cross Country Ski Trails topo mapRoscommon4.0Easiest bike trail
Cross Over topo mapManistee0.1-
Crystal Mountain Bike Park topo mapThompsonville21.0Beginner bike trail
Cut Across topo mapManistee0.1-
Daisy Dukes topo mapCopper Harbor0.3-
Dancing Bear topo mapCopper Harbor1.8-
Danimal topo mapCopper Harbor0.6Advanced bike trail
Days River Pathway topo mapGladstone9.0Intermediate bike trail
De Deet topo mapCopper Harbor0.6-
Deerfield Park topo mapMt Pleasant7.0Beginner bike trail
Der We Went topo mapCopper Harbor0.3Advanced bike trail
Doctors topo mapMarquette0.8-
Double Bit topo mapManistee2.0-
Down Dogger topo mapMarquette1.1-
Downtown topo mapCopper Harbor1.0-
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