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Trail NameCityRatingLengthDifficultyTopo MapConditions
441 Trails topo mapAthens5.0Intermediate bike trail
Allatoona Creek Park topo mapAcworth32.0Intermediate bike trail
Arabia Mountain Trail topo mapLithonia11.0Easiest bike trail
Arrowhead Park topo mapMacon9.0Intermediate bike trail
Aska Trail System topo mapBlue Ridge15.0Intermediate bike trail
Athens YMCA topo mapAthens2.0Beginner bike trail
Augusta Canal topo mapAugusta12.0Easiest bike trail
Austell Threadmill MTB Park topo mapAustell9.0Intermediate bike trail
Avalanche Trail topo mapWoodstock3.6Beginner bike trail
Back End topo mapTrenton0.8-
Back Woods Trail topo mapPowder Springs1.2-
Bankhead topo mapTrenton0.4Intermediate bike trail
Bartram Forest topo mapMilledgeville15.0Beginner bike trail
Bartram Trail / West Dam / Wildwood Park topo mapAugusta18.0Beginner bike trail
Bear Creek topo mapEllijay10.0Intermediate bike trail
Bear Creek topo mapChattahoochee Hills1.2-
Beaver Creek Trail topo mapComer0.6-
Bella's Run topo mapTrenton0.8Intermediate bike trail
Ben Burton Park topo mapAthens5.0Advanced bike trail
Berry College topo mapRome10.0Intermediate bike trail
Big Creek topo mapRoswell6.0Intermediate bike trail
Big Creek Greenway topo mapAlpharetta6.0Easiest bike trail
Big Ridge Loop topo mapChattahoochee Hills0.8-
Bigfoot topo mapPowder Springs0.4-
Black Branch topo mapDahlonega2.2Intermediate bike trail
Black Branch Connector topo mapDahlonega1.0Intermediate bike trail
Blackwell Bridge Trail topo mapElberton1.0-
Blankets Creek topo mapWoodstock15.0Intermediate bike trail
Blue Loop topo mapRutledge2.4-
Blythe Island topo mapBrunswick4.0Intermediate bike trail
Bootlegger Trail topo mapJackson0.9-
Boundary Waters Park topo mapDouglasville9.0Intermediate bike trail
Brownlee Trail topo mapJackson1.0-
Browns Bottom Road topo mapCornelia5.0Easiest bike trail
Bull / Jake Mountain topo mapDahlonega30.0Intermediate bike trail
Bull Mountain / 223 topo mapDahlonega3.0Intermediate bike trail
Bull Mountain Cutoff / Fdr-83 / 223d topo mapDahlonega2.0Advanced bike trail
Bull Mountain Spur topo mapDahlonega0.3-
Bypass topo mapWinder0.4-
Camp Thunder topo mapMolena9.0Advanced bike trail
Campground Picnic Trail topo mapElberton1.0-
Canada Creek topo mapDahlonega16.0Beginner bike trail
Cap Rock topo mapTrenton1.1Advanced bike trail
Cascades topo mapChattahoochee Hills0.3-
Cedar Ridge topo mapForsyth3.0Beginner bike trail
Charleston Park topo mapCumming4.3Intermediate bike trail
Charlie Elliot Wildlife Center topo mapMansfield6.0Beginner bike trail
Chase Street topo mapAthens6.0Intermediate bike trail
Chehaw Park topo mapAlbany11.0Intermediate bike trail
Cherokee Bluff topo mapHall County3.0Intermediate bike trail
Chicopee Woods topo mapGainesville21.0Intermediate bike trail
Children's Home / Pig Trail topo mapMacon7.0Intermediate bike trail
Climbing Snake topo mapRoswell1.2-
Clinton Nature Preserve topo mapDouglasville13.0Intermediate bike trail
Cloudland Connector Trail topo mapTrenton14.0Intermediate bike trail
Cochran Mill Falls topo mapChattahoochee Hills0.2-
Cochran Mill Loop 2 topo mapChattahoochee Hills0.8-
Cochran Mill Park topo mapChattahoochee Hills20.0Intermediate bike trail
Cohutta Springs Adventist Center topo mapCrandall9.0Beginner bike trail
Concrete Hill topo mapDouglasville0.2-
Connector Trail topo mapRutledge0.5-
Cooper's Gap topo mapDahlonega6.0Intermediate bike trail
Copperhead Gap topo mapOakwood4.0Intermediate bike trail
Corry House Trails topo mapUnion Point9.0Intermediate bike trail
Cottage Loop Trail topo mapElberton3.0Beginner bike trail
Coyote Loop / Devil's Backbone topo mapOakwood1.2Intermediate bike trail
Creek Crossing To Bee Trail topo mapDahlonega2.0Intermediate bike trail
Cricket Trail topo mapDouglasville0.6-
Currahee Mountain Road topo mapToccoa5.0Intermediate bike trail
Dauset Trails Nature Center topo mapJackson17.0Intermediate bike trail
Dawson Forest topo mapDawsonville12.0Intermediate bike trail
Deadwood Hill topo mapWinder0.4-
Decatur XC Trail topo mapDecatur1.5Beginner bike trail
Deep Creek Crossing topo mapDahlonega2.0Intermediate bike trail
Deer Run Trail topo mapTwin City2.3-
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