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Trail NameCityRatingLengthDifficultyTopo MapConditions
24 Hour Course topo mapTucson16.0Intermediate bike trail
40th St. Trailhead topo mapPhoenix6.0Beginner bike trail
50-year Trail / Golder Ranch topo mapTucson19.0Intermediate bike trail
Acker Park Trails topo mapPrescott2.0-
Aerie topo mapSedona3.0Advanced bike trail
Agua Caliente Trail topo mapTucson5.0Intermediate bike trail
Airport Mesa Trail Network topo mapSedona15.0Intermediate bike trail
Airstrip Group Site and Trail topo mapSonoita0.0-
Aker Lake Trail #17 topo mapAlpine4.0Intermediate bike trail
Arcadia Trail #328 topo mapSafford5.0-
Arizona Trail topo mapPage800.0Intermediate bike trail
Arizona Trail - Three Bridges to Lakes topo mapTucson13.0Intermediate bike trail
Arizona Trail Passage #31 Walnut Canyon topo mapFlagstaff18.0Beginner bike trail
Arizona Trail Passage #34 San Francisco Peaks topo mapFlagstaff35.0Intermediate bike trail
Arizona Trail: ATV / Tucson topo mapTucson10.0Advanced bike trail
Arizona Trail: Buckskin Mountain Passage topo mapKanab12.0-
Arizona Trail: Cienega Corridor topo mapTucson26.0Intermediate bike trail
Arizona Trail: Flagstaff topo mapFlagstaff30.0Intermediate bike trail
Arizona Trail: Gooseberry Springs to Blueridge topo mapFlagstaff30.0Intermediate bike trail
Arizona Trail: Kaibab Trail / Fredonia topo mapFredonia19.0Intermediate bike trail
Arizona Trail: Marshall Lake to Fisher Point topo mapFlagstaff5.0Intermediate bike trail
Arizona Trail: South of Grand Canyon NP topo mapTusayan24.0-
Ash Creek topo mapWillcox4.0Beginner bike trail
Aspen Draw topo mapTucson3.0Advanced bike trail
Aspen Trail topo mapPayson6.0-
Badger Trail topo mapKingman0.0-
Baldwin Loop topo mapOak Creek2.0Intermediate bike trail
Bandit topo mapSedona2.0-
Barn Burner Course topo mapFlagstaff25.0-
Beale Wagon Trail topo mapBullhead City5.0-
Bear Springs Trail #19 topo mapClifton4.0-
Bell Rock Area Trails topo mapSedona16.0Beginner bike trail
Bell Rock Trailway topo mapOak Creek3.0Beginner bike trail
Big Park Loop topo mapOak Creek3.0Beginner bike trail
Black Canyon Trail topo mapPhoenix62.0Advanced bike trail
Black Canyon Trail - Little Pan Loop topo mapBlack Canyon City24.0Intermediate bike trail
Black jack topo mapGoodyear6.0Advanced bike trail
Blevins Via Meridian topo mapMesa5.0-
Blue Ridge Trail topo mapPinetop9.0Intermediate bike trail
Border Road Up Coronado topo mapHereford19.0-
Brittlebush Trail topo mapPhoenix0.0-
Broken Arrow Trail / Chicken Point topo mapSedona2.0Advanced bike trail
Broken Arrow Trail System topo mapSedona10.0Advanced bike trail
Brown Canyon topo mapSierra Vista6.0Intermediate bike trail
Browns Ranch to Granite Mountain topo mapScottsdale14.0Beginner bike trail
Buck Ridge Point #135 topo mapFredonia3.0-
Buckeye Hills Regional Park topo mapBuckeye0.0-
Buena Vista Trail #637 topo mapShow Low9.0Intermediate bike trail
Bug Springs topo mapTucson8.0Advanced bike trail
Cactus Forest Trail topo mapTucson3.0Beginner bike trail
Campbell Mesa Loops topo mapFlagstaff15.0Beginner bike trail
Carr Lake Trail System topo mapPayson10.0-
Casa Grande Mountain topo mapCasa Grande20.0Intermediate bike trail
Cat Peaks - Blevin - Moonrock topo mapMesa6.0Intermediate bike trail
Cat Peaks Via Ruidoso topo mapMesa5.0Intermediate bike trail
Cathedral Rock Trail topo mapOak Creek10.0Intermediate bike trail
Cave Creek Park topo mapPhoenix10.0Intermediate bike trail
Centennial Trail topo mapPrescott2.0-
Cerbat Foothills Recreation Area topo mapKingman12.0Advanced bike trail
Charles M. Christiansen (100) topo mapPhoenix22.0-
Charleston Petroglyph Ride topo mapSierra Vista3.0Intermediate bike trail
Charleston To Boston Mill Ruins topo mapTombstone9.0-
Cherum Peak Trail topo mapKingman5.0-
Chimney Rock Trail topo mapSedona3.0Advanced bike trail
Chipmunk Connector topo mapPinetop8.0-
Chitty Trail #37 topo mapEagar5.0-
Chiva Falls topo mapTucson8.0Intermediate bike trail
Chuck Wagon topo mapSedona11.0Intermediate bike trail
Cloudview topo mapGold Canyon20.0Intermediate bike trail
Coachwhip Trail Loop topo mapScottsdale20.0Intermediate bike trail
Cockscomb Trail topo mapSedona6.0Intermediate bike trail
Community Nature Center Trails Network topo mapPrescott2.0-
Constellation Network, Granite Dells topo mapPrescott6.0-
Country Club Trail #632 topo mapPinetop4.0Easiest bike trail
Courthouse Butte Loop topo mapSedona5.0Beginner bike trail
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