The BEST Mountain Bike Trails in Utah


Singletracks members have ranked the best mountain bike trails in Utah using our unique trail ranking algorithm. The best bike trails are rated by weighing the following ranking factors: average trail rating, number of members who have ridden the MTB trail, and the number of members who want to ride the MTB trail. Disagree with our list of the top mountain bike trails in Utah? Find and review your favorite Utah bike trails. Trails marked with a green row are trails you've ridden (must be logged in). Constantly updated.

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RankTrail NameCityRatingLengthDifficultyTopo MapConditions
1.The Whole EnchiladaMoab26.0Intermediate bike trail
2.Porcupine RimMoab15.0Advanced bike trail
3.Gooseberry MesaHurricane30.0Advanced bike trail
4.Captain AhabMoab8.0Advanced bike trail
5.The DT-DHPayson1.0Advanced bike trail
6.SlickrockMoab12.0Advanced bike trail
7.Amasa Back AreaMoab20.0Advanced bike trail
8.Little Creek MountainHurricane20.0Advanced bike trail
9.Wasatch CrestSalt Lake City20.0Intermediate bike trail
10.White Rim TrailMoab103.0Beginner bike trail
11.UPS And LPSMoab10.0Advanced bike trail
12.Amasa Back TrailMoab11.0Advanced bike trail
13.Bearclaw PoppySt. George11.0Beginner bike trail
14.Burro PassMoab15.0Advanced bike trail
15.Sardine Peak LoopOgden8.0Intermediate bike trail
16.Thunder MountainRed Canyon16.0Intermediate bike trail
17.Mag 7Moab25.0Intermediate bike trail
18.Mid MountainPark City22.0Intermediate bike trail
19.Snowbasin ResortOgden26.0Intermediate bike trail
20.Red Fleet SystemVernal15.0Advanced bike trail
21.J-BoyVernal4.0Advanced bike trail
22.HymasaMoab4.0Advanced bike trail
23.BobsledSalt Lake City7.0Intermediate bike trail
24.Corner Canyon TrailDraper5.0Intermediate bike trail
25.Great EscapeMoab3.0Advanced bike trail
26.Bonneville Shoreline Trail - Northern Salt Lake CitySalt Lake City15.0Advanced bike trail
27.Prospector AreaPark City10.0Intermediate bike trail
28.Deadman's RidgeMoab3.0Advanced bike trail
29.Dark HollowBrian Head14.0Advanced bike trail
30.SpiroPark City3.0Intermediate bike trail
31.Hazard CountyMoab5.0Intermediate bike trail
32.Dead Horse Point State ParkMoab17.0Beginner bike trail
33.Deer Valley Resort Bike ParkPark City150.0Intermediate bike trail
34.Big Chief LoopMoab9.0Beginner bike trail
35.Blackhawk LoopPayson18.0Intermediate bike trail
36.Navajo RocksMoab18.0Intermediate bike trail
37.Bull RunMoab5.0Advanced bike trail
38.Green CanyonN Logan3.0Beginner bike trail
39.Green Pond LoopOgden5.0Beginner bike trail
40.PC Dirt JumpsPark City1.0Expert bike trail
41.Zen TrailSt. George6.0Intermediate bike trail
42.Park City Mountain Resort (PCMR)Park City100.0Intermediate bike trail
43.RojoVernal5.0Expert bike trail
44.Blind HollowLogan7.0Advanced bike trail
45.Hurricane Rim trailHurricane10.0Advanced bike trail
46.Lost ProspectorPark City5.0Intermediate bike trail
47.Bonneville Shoreline Ogden South Of 12thOgden8.0Intermediate bike trail
48.BlowhardCedar City7.0Advanced bike trail
49.Southern Skyline Trail - Pineview ReservoirOgden12.0Advanced bike trail
50.Rob'sPark City1.0Intermediate bike trail
51.Last Chance TrailSnowbasin10.0Beginner bike trail
52.More HoesVernal6.0Advanced bike trail
53.Wire Mesa LoopRockville7.0Intermediate bike trail
54.Handsome Cabin BoyVernal4.0Advanced bike trail
55.Guacamole MesaVirgin10.0Advanced bike trail
56.Dino FlowMoab5.0Beginner bike trail
57.Jenni'sPark City5.0Intermediate bike trail
58.Riverdale ParkwayRiverdale4.0Beginner bike trail
59.Little CanyonMoab2.0Advanced bike trail
60.DunestoneMoab2.0Intermediate bike trail
61.Empire LinkPark City2.0Intermediate bike trail
62.J.E.M. TrailHurricane13.0Intermediate bike trail
63.Barrel RollSanta Clara6.0Intermediate bike trail
64.Jazz Chrome MollyVernal7.0Intermediate bike trail
65.Good Water RimCastle Dale42.0Intermediate bike trail
66.Flying DogPark City23.0Intermediate bike trail
67.Fire SaleVernal3.0Advanced bike trail
68.Cascade FallsCedar City18.0Advanced bike trail
69.NeedlesSnowbasin Ski Resort18.0Beginner bike trail
70.Ridge Trail 157American Fork18.0-
71.Horsethief CampgroundMoab5.0Intermediate bike trail
72.Flat PassMoab10.0Advanced bike trail
73.Virgin River Rim TrailCedar City33.0Advanced bike trail
74.Dead RingerHurricane5.0Intermediate bike trail
75.EkgMoab3.0Intermediate bike trail
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