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  • in reply to: What do you do when it's too wet to ride… ? #178783

    I ride the fatty in the streets and dirt roads.  Always a blast.  Keeps you off the Twinkies…..

  • in reply to: Has an MTB helmet saved your life? #178782

    I was riding with some buddies a few years ago and went head first into a wood stanchion where you cross the road.  I hit a root and flew head first into was meant to stop a car!  It stopped me as well.  I was dizzy when I got up and was see stars as well.  I was collecting myself when my riding buddy noticed a quarter of my helmet was cracked and hanging by the plastic.  I was doing around 24 mph or so at the time of impact.  Aside from a bruised hip and minor concussion I was fine.   I am convinced the helmet saved my life.  Don’t ride without one!  It’s for your family as well as yourself.

  • in reply to: clipless spd pedals vs flat pedals #111158

    I have ridden clipless for 30 or more years. I tried riding without them and it was foreign to say the least. I do have a beater that has flats and it is fine with the right shoes. It really depends on terrain, I think. I believe the learning curve is well worth it. I have much better bike control with clips and can motor up just about any hill. Generally, I cover more ground and cover it faster with clips. The only time I have trouble is at slow speeds. If I’m motoring, and bail, I always get my feet out. Go for the clipless!

  • in reply to: Greetings #104868

    Here, here for mid-lifers! I am just 50 years old and mountain biking about 14 years. It is only since my kids have gotten older that I have the time or money to ride. I am riding faster and stronger than ever! Having the time and the money sure ain’t hurting. I have been progressively averaging more miles every year I get older. I say watch out, the elderly is who you have to fear!!

  • in reply to: I’m thankful for….. #76090

    Cathedral Pines, in NY
    A Rocky Mountain ETSX-70 (my baby!)
    So many great trails so close to me
    Concerned Long Island Mountain Bicyclist
    Riding the dirt
    and of course Turkey, which can be seen in the wild @ Cathedral Pines.

  • in reply to: Anyone planning on some turkey day riding……. #76109

    Happy Thanksgiving, all. Its 43 degrees here in NY and I rode today. Checked out the new Halloween Trail @ Cathedral Pines, Middle Island, NY. Great job, once again. Thanks CLIMB!

  • in reply to: Night Riding Light Check #75330

    I ride about once a week at night with a HID Night Rider light. The light extends my riding season to year round. Gets somewhat cold here in NY. Still ride at night through the winter. I usually only ride trails i’m totally familiar with. I also always bring a back up light i.e. hiking headlamp, just to get out of the woods in case my big light dies.

  • in reply to: Are there any other pod riders out there??? #72539

    I just started occasionally using an Ipod. It definetely increases my speed. I have it in a waterproof/bombproof otter box that I use kayaking. Recently I had it on the armband and clipped a tree. No damage, didn’t even miss a beat. Still like riding without though just to commune with my surrondings.

  • in reply to: Any road cyclists out there? #69313

    I ride both. 90 percent mountain, but occasionally road. Used race road years ago. Still love to hit the streets of New York. Was a bike messenger for many years in NYC. Can’t beat the skills of spinning and cab avoidance. Absolutely compliment each other.

  • in reply to: egg beater? #75349

    I have used these pedals for several years. They are great. Easy entry, easy exit and almost completeley mud proof. I live in the Northeast and have never had them clog with ice! Downside, they have no tension adjustment. Highly reccomeded for XC.

  • in reply to: Keeping ear buds in? #75132

    thanks everyone for all you input. this helps a lot. I am going to check out several ear hook ones.

  • in reply to: Is this a good book #74654

    This is a great book for the do it yourselfer. Covers most disc brakes and suspension forks. Can be confusing to find a specific kind of repair. It does give great step by step direcitons for most basic repairs. Even covers many complex but attainable repairs. I would highly reccomend this book if you intend on doing most of your own repairs. The book does let you know the difficulty of repairs or maintenance. 😛

  • in reply to: Singletracks National Gathering #70380

    I’m in where ever it is! Anytime is good with me. Never been to Moab but hear it’s a blast. Would love to make a trip there and hit the gathering too. I can rally people on the East coast. Hope to get enough to get a bus and a bunch of bikes out to where ever the final location is. If I can help from the East coast in anyway, let me know, i.e. flyers @ trails or the like.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)