What do you do when it's too wet to ride… ?

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      I found this question on the Facebook page today:

      What do you do when it’s too wet to ride, but you had your hopes up for getting outside and getting sweaty?”

      My short answer is that I find something else that gets me outside and sweaty, without destroying the trails. If it’s not currently a down pour, I might bust out the road bike. If it is really cold and rainy, I may run instead (less windchill factor, less water spray).

      But what do you guys say? What do you do when you want to get outside, but the trails are soaked?

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      I live in Maine where we have a vast area of dirt roads, so I’ll quite often ride there on a wet day. If it’s too wet for that, then perhaps I’ll hop on the trainer or do something else entirely.


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      I live in Northern California and it NEVER rains here…….I think if it did get to wet to ride I would watch my lawn grow.

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      On the days that it’s too wet to ride my bike, I ride my bike.  We’ve got a trail system here (hanging dog) that have a great bed of leaf and pine needle litter.  There’s trails in it’s network that literally ride the same regardless of whether it’s wet or not.

      If it’s pouring out and I don’t want to get that wet, I’ll hit my elliptical.

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      Yeah, I’ve been known to ride in the rain. As I get older (and more pressed for ride time, frankly) I’ve had to ditch my old excuses. Now it’s never too cold and rarely too wet to ride.

      That being said, I do modify my rain rides to avoid places I know are going to be muddy. Gravel roads are top choice as are rocky trails that I know drain really well.

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      Like Greg, I usually hit the road. Or if it’s raining really hard, I’ll go for a run.

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      the only roads around my house are dirt so they get really muddy. I just wait.

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      Tucson has the Tucson Mountains which are very hard rock and it never turns to mud other than some arroyos. At least 40 and maybe 70 miles of trails from Sweetwater to Robles Pass.

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      I like cross-training, so if I had my heart set on riding and can’t, I’m normally into the gym for weight lifting or will spend some extra dedicated time with my drum set.

      Or go to a bar.

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      ride the fat bike in the rain, hit the gym or take rest  day or play guitar and do work on the bikes if needed.

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      I live in a part of the country where we get all 4 seasons. We are also lucky enough to have a variety of trails, some can only be ridden when dry, others are ridable year round. The year round trails tend to be more sand and rocks than clay.  When we get really nasty conditions I tend to hit the gym. I’ve been known to attend a spin class now and then.  It’s not ideal, but it’s not the couch either!

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      I am experiancing that very problem as we speak. I could finish rebuilding my motorcycle forks, or give the MTB a good cleaning and oiling… but so far I am drinking coffee and reading about what you guys are doing on days like today.

      Man, I feel lazy just reading about what I am doing…. Im not going to melt… time to hit the road.

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      I might go to the gym but will typically mope around and pout about not being able to ride.

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      I tried going for a ride the other day (a day after a serious downpour). It was way too slippery and almost had the bike slide from under me a couple of times.  I like running in the rain or if it’s a non-riding day, I’ll stay in and do a hard kettle bell workout.

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      Since I fall off my bike and get hurt when I riding in  wet road,Maybe I will sleep at home now …

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      I ride the fatty in the streets and dirt roads.  Always a blast.  Keeps you off the Twinkies…..

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      I usually take a break or go to the gym.

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      I usually will go for a Nordic skate ski or skin up a hill on touring equip and swerve back down.  The road riding in the high country on snowy days like today isn’t worth it and I don’t have a phat tire bike.  I can crush myself skating or skinning and it’s really quite fun and relaxing.

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      What’s this “too wet to ride”??? Most of our local trails hold up very well to riding in the rain, the roots do get slippery which adds to the challenge.  Being in Seattle we get used to the rain.  My last 5 rides have been 40ish degrees and rain.  All this rain is making snow in the mountains, so pretty soon it will be skiing on weekends, and night rides during the week.

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      Gravel paths are usually in good shape when everything else is too wet, good opportunity to just work on cardio!

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      I’ll ride the gravel roads in my area or hike the trails and note any areas that need maintenance. Trim back limbs, look for areas that drain poorly, etc. Being outside and getting exercise beats moping around. Lastly I’ll use this time to do a little bike maintenance. And drink a beer!

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      I usually give trails a couple of days to run off this time of year. They don’t totally dry in the winter, ground just stays too cold and shaded. There are trails I just won’t ride because I know they can stay muddy. I do have a couple of trails I will ride that drain better and get some sun.

      If I am needing to get a burn in I will either run some of the trails that have good traction in the rain, or head to a good hiking trail in the Smoky’s or Cherokee National Forest to get in a good hike. I love hiking during a good rain, not a downpour mind you, but a nice light rain. Something about it just awakens the senses.

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      Ride higher, rockier trails that don’t get damaged. I also do trail maintenance on days that are just miserable.

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      That’s funny, a friend of mine does the same thing–he builds trail in the rain! I wouldn’t think that working with wet dirt would produce good results but so far it seems to be working out…

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      Having school 5 days a week trails being too wet or rainy really isn’t a option. It’s always raining here in the PNW so I’m pretty used to it. Looking into getting a trainer any suggestions??

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      During wet periods or freeze-thaw is a good time for trail maintenance. In fact, when it is wet is a great time to address drainage issues. The state park where I ride a lot has miles and miles fire roads, so that’s always an option. Or, like CCR noted, higher elevation trails with a rocky base that drain well are a good choice. I’ve had a few memorable wet rides in the mountains.

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      My local trails happen to be right next to the best local surf break which is a nice bonus

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      Usually work on trials skills around my house and hit a few sidewalk jump sections over driveways and what not. Always a good time and those sessions always seem to translate to increased skill on the trails.

      Also glad I wasn’t the first to say drink a beer.

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      Here in the Channel Islands it pretty much rains everyday in the winter, so wet rides just become the norm. Try to stick to the the rockier paths or trails that drain well. If it’s just to wet or you’ve had enough of the rain, I hit the gym do some rounds (boxing) and then off to the pub.

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      do tapatas for exercise

      then drink mucho liqour

      then ride my mtb set up with slicks and slay the sidewalks/greenways

      can’t lose!

      oh wait, lost my helmet…..

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      Go for a trail run or a hike on trails that won’t be adversely impacted, i.e. rocky or well covered by leaf litter. Pick up all the litter around the trailhead.

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      If it’s too wet to ride I take my hardtail ???? Stick some storm controls on and get to it. I do try  rider fire roads and more armoured trails in the super wet, bonus being they are quieter in the rain. #rule9

      Rule #9

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      I live in CO, so I’ve experienced sun, rain, hail, and snow all in the same ride many times. No such thing as bad weather, only bad gear. I do avoid my road bike in the rain though, rim brakes and 25c tires on slick roads are no fun, plus wet roads equal easier flats. Gravel bike with disc brakes is super fun in the rain though because I usually have the fun mountainy roads to myself and I get to practice sliding the bike in more controlled conditions.

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      I either stay in and practice keyboard, or take the bike to town for some “urban MTB’ing”. The skate park is usually abandoned when it’s wet out, plus there are lots of places around town to practice techniques on without disturbing anyone.


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      I just ride it out!

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      Smoke loveboat, shoplift, pinch babies at malls and answer stupid posts like this one.

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      Generally running, sometimes climbing, very occasionally stretching !

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      Drive around, do power slides. Eat ramen and drink? Usually it’s the drink and marvel at the fact it’s raining.

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      Create and/edit YouTube videos. Really depends on how many video’s I have in line to complete.

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      Go kayaking

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      Ride on the street, which bores me so much.  But I try to do sprint intervals and practice manualing and hopping and stuff.  I can’t stand to ride on the road for more than 45mins to an hour.

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      If the singletrack trails are too muddy; I ride fire access roads, or do some urban MTB (hop on and off sidewalks, down short stairs, ride parking lot curbs, practice manuals & hops).

      If it is pouring rain/snow outside, or crazy hot out, or stupid cold; I do my treadmill (cardio) or Bowflex (weight training).

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      I love to ride the road bike in dirt & rain. when here in Washington raining I get out from home with my monster. I ride to the very slippery road. But it is very risky.

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      But new rider doesn’t take the risk to ride the bike in the wet road.

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        When trails are closed due to rain and mud… I pray to the Sun and drought Gods…

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        Insofar as I have gathered that you are in Texas, please stop.  Although I suppose you haven’t had much opportunity to pray lately.

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      The trails here are pretty messed up and there’s one place that allows biking on the muddy trails. I stay away from them when they are wet because they’re really messed up.

      So, it’s either my indoor trainer or off to the gravel / back-country roads.

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      I’ve found that the too cold and wet is no factor.  If it is still wet out, then it isn’t too cold.  When it is cold, wet is now solid.  So there is that.  When you’re below -teens and the wind is above 20 or so knots, I usually keep it short ~30-40 mins.  As for just wet …depends.  Some trails here you can ride when wet, the leader and community ride when it is wet and we all pitch in to keep it up.  However, I usually look to hit some urban action because cleaning mud is not something that I enjoy.  Although, I will admit that the 2 thunderstorms that I have been caught in were 2 of my most fun rides.  However, when it’s really nasty out, that is my reason to get some up-keep done around the house.



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      Great thread, Greg! When the trails are too wet I usually drive a short distance from home to trails that are all rock, making them perfect for rainy rides. Alternatively, I go dig on our local trails, or go for a road ride if the ground is frozen.

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      Old thread and an ole answah…



      Does it really fall under Rocket Science category? Well, does it Greg?? You started it!!! 😀                              Even if it was OP in /’15…


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      Good one, Tex!

      I will not be denied! Going on a street session is better than sitting at home doing a whole lotta not much.

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      I’m not sure what it means to be too wet to ride 😉

      I’ve ridden in downpours, snowstorms, and in a rock garden covered in several feet of water.

      There have been times it’s been too wet to ride some trails (don’t want to ruin them or they officially close), but there are other trails or areas you can ride without destroying them. I switch to those trails 🙂

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      Wet weather does not really stop me unless it is a thunder storm or heavy rain. However, I do not like like to ride when the temperature is below 40F. When it is wet cold, like this weekend rain and 36F, I give up all hope of riding any time soon. I break down my bike, lube and repair it where necessary to get ready for better conditions.

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      Captain Jacks, Jones Downhill, Buffalo Creek, Green Mountain … the Front Range classic scree trails are all better rides during or just after a good rain. Strange but sweet.

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      I’m usually watching the weather forecast before riding. It helps me to get a decision about riding

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      I prefer to read an interesting book, when it rains

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      Usually use the road bike.

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      I recently retired and significantly increased my riding time, which caused some unexpected muscle imbalances resulting in back pain.  So now on wet days I go for a walk and then spend an hour in the gym doing core strength work.   What a difference this has made to my pedal power and endurance!

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      Find this one:

      Move to Spain
      Not a feasible option to many people we know, but worth putting it out there.

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