Are there any other pod riders out there???

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      Yesterday evening no body showed up to ride, so I was by myself. Got the "pod" out and realized that this was about the millionth time I`ve listened to these same old songs, so my QUESTION is: What are you guys (and gals?) listening to at this time?

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      I’m too poor to own an iPod… so if I want to hear music I just hit play in my head… 😎

      Typically: Pigface, Ministry, Emerson/Lake/Palmer, Jeff. Airplane, DJ Micro, & DJs Kemistry & Storm.

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      I don’t own an ipod either, but I’ll rock the ole sony disc on occasion when I’m mtb biking. But nothing beats being in that righteous state of mind, listening to a sweet Phish show, and tearing up some Colorado singletrack.

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      for myself nothing gets me moving like some punk: lucky boys confusion, mxpx, nofx, bad religion

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      Hey guys, I don`t actually own an Apple Ipod brand MP3 player myself, I`ve got a Sansa Express that cost me about $49 from Best Buy, holds around 2-3 hundred songs (if I remember correctly), is super small and lightweight, doesn`t skip like the Sony cassette player I was using (had to strap that monstrosity to the side of my bike) , plus it even has FM radio capabilities. It`s a bargain in my view, way less than what it cost to fill up my full size pick up truck with gas. By the way, growing up in the 80`s has made me a little partial to the "new wave" movement that was going on then (i.e. The Cars, New Order, Psychedelic Furs, The Cure, etc…) , plus I like Bruce Springsteen`s older stuff, and there are a lot of soundtracks that I like i.e. "To Live and Die in L.A." , "Jackie Brown", "Vision Quest", etc. Some of the newer stuff that I like is Interpol, Keene, plus I can even tolerate some country music every now and then. It`s a good thing that everybody is different, or it would be a boring world.

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      It doesn’t matter about the brand of player but it works weel for getting you up the hills. Just try it with some good rock, it makes the stuff over 10% easier

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      while not an ipod or a dedicated mp3 player, my phone has mp3 capability so one morning on my way to school I played some Papa Roach (getting away with murder to be specific) and somehow cut 5 minutes off my travel time! 😮 it must have been something about hearing P. Roach playing from inside my pocket that made me haul more ass than usual!

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      i do not listen to music on the trail.although ive listened on the way to work.velvet revolver,the best of the cult,dokken best of,stevie ray vauhn.stevie really makes the world go round man.any stevie fans??iron maiden,tesla,ronnie james dio best of,pantera,i could go on.i also listen to robert johnson(the greatest blues player),spanish guitar,and dont laugh but ill listen to club dance music to do somthin different.its catchy and ive been known to dance a little.dont like country.anything really,theres soooo much music that i like,it would take an ipod to list all of it.hahahaaha.

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      I do not, I have an mp3 player, and I use it at the gym, just not while riding.

      For some reason, I have a complex about being out in the woods alone and not being able to hear what is going on around me because I have head phones in.

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      I love to listen to the Pod while I run and have been seriously thinking of adding it to my ride. However, I think that being able to hear the tires on the trail and listening to you bike is critical to a technical ride. That being said I will probably only use the Pod while on relaxing slower rides. While running I like to listen to somethings that rocks hard, so I have a crazy mix. AC/DC, Queen, SlipKnot, Static X, Ramstein, Rod Zombie, Fly Leaf, Tenacious D and several others. I also really enjoy listening to audio books while I exercise. Really takes your mind somewhere else.

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      flowy jam bands like:meters, galactic, SCI, MOE,Keller,phish,jerry and merle sauders, grateful dead, umphreys,maceo parker, zilla, eoto,new monsoon, natti love joys,mofro, little feat, the probus project,herbie hancock just to name a few. If your down with these, let a brother know.

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      I like keeping all my senses open in the woods and wouldn’t want to cut off my hearing, especially in the some of the forests that I ride in where there are all sorts of animals and hunters running about.

      If I were riding where I didn’t have to worry about being shot by some crazy hunter then I’d listen to some hard and thrashing like Exodus or Suicidal Tendencies. Older Black Sabbath would be good, like Vol 4 or Paranoid, but I think listening to Planet Caravan in the woods would get me pretty paranoid. Otherwise, I would go Fu Manchu.

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      I never ride without my iPod. I guess I’ve gotten so used to listening to music while riding, I kinda feel naked if I don’t have it while on the trails. I listen to all different kinds of music (sans country), but I really enjoy listening to electronic music while riding. Oakenfold, Sasha, John Digweed, and the Psychotrance line have to be my faves.

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      I prefer keeping my senses clear and ride more without than with my mp3. IMO a big part of being out in the woods on the trail, are the sounds, not just the sights. The sound of nature around me, my tires on the trail, the sounds of my bike, the wind, are all part of it. Many times I’ve been alerted to spooked deer to my right or left by their sound and if I had been wearing my ear buds would have never seen the deer or known to be ready for them crossing in front of me on the trail.

      But every now and then I do get the urge to ride to music and when I do, it is almost always Bob Marley!

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      I love having my ipod in more so for road rides. i can get a little sketched out in the woods alone so when mountain riding i leave 1 out I guess im alone on this but anything dance,trance,rap, with a great beat keeps the legs spinning

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      Ronald Jenkees keeps the beat hoppin, and the legs pumpin

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      I usually listen to my iPod shuffle when riding since it is small and light. I usually only put 1 ear piece in at a time, so I can hear things when riding. I live in California so I don’t have to worry about hunters and such in the forest, but it is always good to be able to hear people coming up the trial or down the trial so you can adjust to having to possibly stop.

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      Wow Spaz! I can’t believe someone else actually listens to Ronald. That dude is very talented and great for some laughs if you watch his videos on youtube!!

      As for adding to the topic at hand…I don’t listen to an ipod while riding because mine was stolen from my car. Otherwise I’d probably listen to it on an occasional ride.

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      "feltbee" wrote

      Wow Spaz! I can’t believe someone else actually listens to Ronald. That dude is very talented and great for some laughs if you watch his videos on youtube!!

      As for adding to the topic at hand…I don’t listen to an ipod while riding because mine was stolen from my car. Otherwise I’d probably listen to it on an occasional ride.

      Yeah, I don’t really listen to anything either as I am riding. I listen to something before the ride to get me pumped up. I especially listen to his "Rocky Theme Remix". It really gets me goin.

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      I’m in the "not on the trail" group, but I do MP3 when on the road. I don’t want to soapbox, but I do not use any type of noise canceling ear buds and I keep the volume where I can still hear the road noise too. Like the radio in a car, it can be a distraction as well as a companion.

      I’ve got an eclectic mix and I use shuffle mode, just to keep things interesting. <i>Janis Joplin</i> may follow <i>Umphrey’s McGee</i> and <i>Sia</i> may follow <i>Little Feat</i> or some of my import music, like <i>Chamsa</i>, <i>Sharon Rotar</i> or pop music from Thailand.

      Informally, if I look at my training logs, my average speed seems better when I travel with music. Nothing scientific or drastic, but it sure seems that way. It is hard to tell, because I usually don’t ride the exact same route twice in a row, but I do have some common destinations.

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      I listen to my Zune on the trail (at a volume that I can still hear everything I need to hear). I have found I ride better while listening to "indie" rock…Death cab for cutie, Guster, We Know plato, Ben Folds, ect.

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      I just started occasionally using an Ipod. It definetely increases my speed. I have it in a waterproof/bombproof otter box that I use kayaking. Recently I had it on the armband and clipped a tree. No damage, didn’t even miss a beat. Still like riding without though just to commune with my surrondings.

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      This may sound a little corny but…

      Some of the Downhill Roam video clips on u-tube has some really good songs. My personal favorite is "Rookie" from Boy Sets Fire. It funny when I think about it. When I listen to those tracks, its like I start to visualize myself as one of them in the vid, even though I’m not and never could be. Its bitter sweet. 😢 😀

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      I guess the ability to listen to your music while screaming downhill is what separates relative MTB Noobs like me from experienced riders like Mongoose and spazjensen 😀 Right now I’m still too worried about that nasty tree sticking out a root trying to trip me 😆

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      I do, and I don’t. It’s reallly 50/50 with me.

      I enjoy it because it can get my adrenaline pumping. However, sometimes I feel the sounds of nature herself is enough to get me through the trail. I, like other riders out there, use MTB as a way to release stress, so being isolated is perfectly A O K with me.

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      I actually don’t listen to music when I mountain bike, but I do when I bike commute (on paved bike paths)

      I stopped the music on Slickrock Trail because I found it too distracting, and haven’t done it again since.

      I gave my iPod to my daugher and I use my Blackberry.

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