Any road cyclists out there?

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      Actually, I already have a pretty good idea: just over 1/3 of you also ride a road bike – not that there’s anything wrong with that ;)

      I’m enjoying road biking this spring, especially since the trails are wet and never seem to dry out during April and May. It’s not too hot or humid out yet either so that’s a plus. I’m also getting into great shape for mountain bike season which is just around the corner…

      If you ride road bikes you might be interested in a little application I put together for plotting and sharing road cycling routes. You can save your routes, estimate loop distances, and even upload you saved routes to your GPS unit. Best of all it’s based on Google Maps so it’s pretty simple to use (plus, like singletracks, it’s a part of the TripleBlaze family of sites).

      Who else rides road bikes?

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      umm not be a smart A$$ but isn’t that a road atlas? 😆 😏

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      "c3667" wrote

      umm not be a smart A$$ but isn’t that a road atlas? 😆 😏

      Ba-ZING! 😆

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      I just recently got a road bike 😳. It’s a Specialized Sequoia with Tiagra components, a carbon fork, and carbon seat stays. I’ve been enjoying riding it when I can’t get to dirt, when my mountain bike is in the shop, and in preparation for a 78 mile road ride I’m doing. I don’t really care if it isn’t hard core because it is tons of fun.

      I’ll check out the new web page for road biking. It looks like it might be really interesting. Thanks!

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      I’d prefer mountain biking any day, but sometimes the trail is just too far away from my door. I leave the trails for the weekends.

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      I love riding the many trails around Denver and the Rockies! I have just acquired, however, a single-speed road bike and love to take it downtown, follow the many paved paths around here. If I were forced to choose, it would be mountain biking, but there is a lot to say for a nice single speed!

      I think that both types of biking compliment each other.

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      I ride both. 90 percent mountain, but occasionally road. Used race road years ago. Still love to hit the streets of New York. Was a bike messenger for many years in NYC. Can’t beat the skills of spinning and cab avoidance. Absolutely compliment each other.

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      I dont ride on the road very much anymore but at one time I was addicted. I recently traded my Bianchi road bike for my current HT mtb. I dont think I will ever go back cause I love the challange of mtn biking & being surrounded by nature is what I enjoy. Happy trails everyone! 😀

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      I’ve just started Road riding and training for the 4 Bike MS 150 I’ll be riding in 2010. VA , NJ, PA are the states I’ll be riding in I"m so ready to hit the gym to start my cardio and strength training.

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      I love all my bikes equally… how can I favor one child over another 😀

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      i ride a roadie
      2010 specialized allez sport compact
      i love using it when the trails are flooded or when i dont have the time to hit the trails

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      I actually got back into MTB through RB. It reminded me just how fun bikes were for me plus got me back in shape so I started hitting the trail again. I ride 60-90 miles a week on my RB and spend about 4-8 hours a week on the trail. I also do Triathlons so RB is a natural component of my training. Cannondale Six 5 is a great road machine, very quick and well balanced.

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      Geez, This sounds like AA for Mountain Bikers…..

      Hi, My Name is Eric and I’m a roadie…. 😆 😆

      But Seriously, I absolutely LOVE my Mountain bikes. I have two. I also LOVE my Road bikes I have two, And NOW recently I LOVE my Cyclocross bike (Only one of those). There is a nice little mountain bike park near my house (Jack Brooks just south of Houston) Anyway I load up BOTH bikes in the truck, go to the park, Ride a lap or two in the dirt, then I change bikes and cloths and go for about a 40 mile road ride on the nice country roads down there. It’s a great way to spend a morning. And if you want that full body work out, Try it sometime. Do about 15 to 20 miles in the dirt hard then jump on a roadie for 40 to 50 miles. You will sleep well that night. It probably nearly the equivalent of a century ride on the road.

      And if you own as many bikes as I do you have to ride a hell of a lot just to make sure you show them all the love they need and deserve right? Plus if I don’t ride one of them for over a month my wife wants me to sell one. I cant do that!

      My Stable:
      Mountain: Marin Hard tail with a Marzo 44 Fork/bb7’s etc. and a Specialized 29er stumpjumper FSR
      Road: Giant Aliance TCR 2 and a Full Carbon Giant TCR SL
      Cross: Giant TCX 1 (Awesome ride if you can only have one)

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      Road nerd reporting in. I’m about 70/30 at this point, mountain/road. I ride my SS Bianchi Pista to work and back, sometimes out on country roads when the trails are too wet or my time is too short.
      I use it on my rollers in the winter to try to stay in shape. Road riding is a crucial aspect of training for all racers, even the most hardcore XC-only racers. It may not be crucial for DH racers, but still, it’s essential for athletes who need steady cardio. Even runners use road bike training because it’s one of the best ways to put out constant wattage.

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      looking at getting one as theres a memorial road ride in june I’m interested in doing. plus its great crosstraining. anyone know of a good deal on a bike in the colorado springs area?
      I need about a 56-58

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      if you havent already, check out CS West bikes they always have great deals on road and mtbs

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