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      Zinn & the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance, is this a decent book, when it comes to working on your own bike?

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      What I didn’t learn by tinkering with my bikes I pretty much learned from Zinn’s video, so I guess the book would be quality as well.

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      It’s one of if not THE best books out there for repair. I highy recommend it. Make sure you get the newest edition for the most up to date stuff.

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      This is a great book for the do it yourselfer. Covers most disc brakes and suspension forks. Can be confusing to find a specific kind of repair. It does give great step by step direcitons for most basic repairs. Even covers many complex but attainable repairs. I would highly reccomend this book if you intend on doing most of your own repairs. The book does let you know the difficulty of repairs or maintenance. 😛

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      I consider the Zinn book the Bible of mountain bike work. As stated above, make sure you get the most recent one, but if you’re interested in doing some of your own tinkering, you can’t go wrong. GREAT book!

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      Anyone use the Park Big Blue book? From what I hear it’s the pro bike mechanic’s bible…


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      "trek7k" wrote

      Anyone use the Park Big Blue book? From what I hear it’s the pro bike mechanic’s bible…


      I don’t own it because the online site is more up to date and FREE. But, I’d have to say that their online site is THE best out there. The amount of information and the ease of finding it is second to none. The best alternative I can find would be Sheldon Brown’s (RIP)page at

      For those of you who haven’t checked either of them out, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. Learn about your bikes people, you’ll love them even more!

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      Well they are all decent books but you can always go to the technical section or support section from the various manufactures and they will have present model and perhaps a few years back of their components. For example Sram have all their product manuals online ready for download…I for one use those books first for information then hit the generic books.

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