Brevard, North Carolina

Rider: Neko Mulally. Photo: John Schultz. Photo courtesy of Scott Sports.

Rider: Neko Mulally. Photo: John Schultz. Photo courtesy of Scott Sports.

When we set out to rebuild this top 10 list from the ground up, we made a conscious decision not to include any destination because “we need an east coast destination” or “people will be upset if we don’t have a northwest destination.” Instead, we decided to only include locations on this top 10 list that really can go head-to-head with the best of the best mountain bike destinations in the country.

And we firmly believe that Brevard, North Carolina is more than capable of competing with the nine western choices on this list.

Brevard is home to hundreds of miles of the most technical backcountry singletrack anywhere, gorgeous Appalachian Mountain views, and more mountain biking infrastructure (including bike shops, rentals, guiding, races–you name it) than you can even take advantage of. The eats are top-notch with a unique southern flair, and the beer is world-class, with bigger breweries like Oskar Blues, Sierra Nevada, and New Belgium having moved into the area, in addition to the numerous local operations.

Must-ride trails include Dupont State Forest, Laurel Mountain, and Black Mountain.

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    • David Matthews

      Yeah, Green Mountain Trails in Pittsfield is awesome!

  • Spanky

    I’m sure they’re all great, but I feel like the midwest and east coast are left out a lot.

  • Gdb49

    Don’t know the the “Ten Best”, but I’d sure be happy to ride that list!

  • asspadtycoon

    The Midwest and East do have great places, but sorry folks, nothing beats the West.

    Envious Midwesterner

    • Greg Heil

      Haha, comment of the day right here!

  • Danmtchl

    Santa Cruz? Who forgot this little gem. The Kern River Valley? Another nugget

  • rajflyboy

    I still say the best trails are the ones you ride every day (Near where you live)

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