194 Trails in Kent, Washington

Trail Name Difficulty Length (mi) Rating City
'Lil Red (Henry’s Ridge) 0.11 Maple Valley
Access Trail (Dash Point State Park) 0.1 Tacoma
Bali To Ponds (Henry’s Ridge) 0.06 Black Diamond
Bandwagon (Tokul – East) 0.26 Snoqualmie
Bear Way (Soaring Eagle Regional Park) 0.51 Sammamish
Beaver Pond (Tokul – West) 0.97 Snoqualmie
Big Bad Wolf (Henry’s Ridge) 0.27 Maple Valley
Big Beaver (Henry’s Ridge) 1.44 Maple Valley
Blue Jay Way (Soaring Eagle Regional Park) 0.72 Sammamish
Bobsled (Tokul – West) 0.47 Fall City
Bonbon (Tokul – West) 0.49 Fall City
Bone Trail (Soaring Eagle Regional Park) 0.99 Sammamish
Boot Camp (Duthie Hill) 0.86 Issaquah
Boundary Trail (Dash Point State Park) 0.8 Tacoma
Brain Bucket (Lake Sawyer) 1.06 Maple Valley
Brain Wave (Lake Sawyer) 0.45 Maple Valley
Braking Bad (Swan Creek) 0.55 Tacoma
Bumpy Monkey (Dockton Park MTB Trail System) 0.27 Maury Island
Bypass (Tokul – West) 0.04 Fall City
Camino Espinosa (Soaring Eagle Regional Park) 0.43 Sammamish
Chair Lift (Dockton Park MTB Trail System) 0.19 Maury Island
Clarks Creek Park Intermediate 6.0 *** Puyallup
Clearcut (Tokul – West) 0.54 Fall City
Coal Mine Loop Trail (Grand Ridge Park) 2.55 Issaquah
Connector Trail (Tiger Mountain) 0.39 Issaquah
Connector Trail (Raging River State Forest) 0.18 Snoqualmie
Cottonwood Loop (Tolt MacDonald) 1.47 Carnation
Crazy Ivan (Tokul – East) 0.81 Fall City
Creek Bed Trail (Soaring Eagle Regional Park) 0.32 Sammamish
Crossover (Dash Point State Park) 0.03 Tacoma
Crystal Lake Trails 3.0 Woodinville
Curly Fries (Tokul – West) 0.57 Fall City
Dash Point State Park Intermediate 5.0 *** Tacoma
Derailer (Henry’s Ridge) 0.56 Maple Valley
Derby (Tokul – East) 0.36 Fall City
Dirt Road (Henry’s Ridge) 0.4 Maple Valley
DIY (Tokul – West) 0.3 Fall City
Do Loop (Soaring Eagle Regional Park) 0.44 Sammamish
Dockton Park MTB Trail System Intermediate 5.0 **** Vashon Island
Double D (Soaring Eagle Regional Park) 0.2 Sammamish
Double Dip (Dash Point State Park) 0.22 Tacoma
Downhill Loop (Soaring Eagle Regional Park) 0.19 Sammamish
Dr. Jekyll (Dockton Park MTB Trail System) 0.38 Vashon Island
Drop Zone (Swan Creek) 0.06 Tacoma
Duthie Hill Intermediate 8.0 ***** Issaquah
Duthie Hill Access Trail 0.35 Issaquah
East Bound And Down 0.53 Issaquah
East Fork Trail (Grand Ridge Park) 1.58 Issaquah
East Lake Sammamish Trail Easiest 11.0 **** Seattle
East Tiger Summit Trail (Tiger Mountain) 1.21 Issaquah