Sassafras Loop

SORBA added this trail and it opened this summer.  The trail rotates directions monthly – CW on uneven mths and CCW on even months.  Big climb when going CCW but CW is also a challenge.    It is a very secluded trail with fewer hikers.  It has multiple creek crossings and one bridge crossing.

FATS Flow Master 5

Race on 21 miles of hard packed, fast, and flowy singletrack in beautiful Sumter National Forest. 175 racer max. 100% of net proceeds benefit local trails and SORBA-CSRA!

TC Trail

Excellent single-track trail through mixed hardwood-pine forests with undulating terrain.  Easiest to ride from Lake Johnson to Hensington Road (abandoned double-track dirt road) but can be ridden either way.  Highly recommended.  Paired with The Chapters, this makes a beautiful 7-mile loop. It’s mapped here  but I’d rather have on Singletracks so that I can …

The Chapters

Fantastic single-track trail through undulating mixed hardwood-pine forested terrain.  The trail turns back on itself eight times to create a route that looks like a snake when seen on a map.  It is one of the best trails on the Dairy Ridge side of Croft.  You can find the trail mapped here: I’d rather …

SCXC MTB Race Holston Creek Park Inman SC 3-21-21

Sunday March 21-2021 Holston Creek Park 7561 New Cut Road Inman SC 29349 Short Course Cross County Mountain Bike Trail Races For more info check out web site for events and registration information. 828 899 2556  


Havoc at Holston Creek Park Inman SC Short Course Cross Country Sprint Racing 1 mile dirt trail loop will be 20, 30 & 40  min  heats depending on skill Practice starts at 10am Racing starts at 11am Beginner to Expert Classes, Something for everyone GREAT TRAIL FOR FIRST TIME RACERS. Lots of great passing areas.