As a part of one of our surveys back in 2016, we asked mountain bikers to tell us about the primary vehicle they own. Based on the popularity of a recent forum topic about the best vehicles for mountain biking, we figured it was time to crunch the results.

At a high level, these survey results back up the notion that mountain bikers are fairly affluent. For one thing, mountain bikers’ vehicles are, on average, three years newer than the average American’s vehicle. And while traditionally inexpensive auto brands like Hyundai and Kia make appearances in the overall top 10 list for popular vehicle brands in the USA, they’re nowhere to be found among mountain bikers’ top picks.

Drilling down ever further, the top 10 vehicle models owned by mountain bikers barely overlaps with the top 20 vehicles sold in the USA. Riders clearly enjoy their Subaru Outbacks, Jeep Wranglers, Jeep Cherokees, and Subaru Foresters. The rest of America: not so much. Four out of five of the most popular vehicles mountain bikers own are trucks, which actually isn’t surprising given that three out of four of the best selling vehicles in the USA are also trucks.

Do you own one of these vehicles? What makes it a good choice for a mountain biker?

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    • mongwolf

      Great line kay oh. All too true. And having both is the best of all.

  • Jared13

    Crap, I own both a Ford F-150 and a Subaru Outback. I also owned a Jeep Wrangler and wished I still had it.

  • mojomatty777

    Well, add me to the statistics above. Had an ’04 Wrangler when I first started riding. I’m presently driving an ’08 Toyota 4Runner.

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