The 50 Most Popular Articles on in 2014

Photo: Jerry Hazard
Photo: Jerry Hazard

We’ve published about a thousand articles on in 2014. With so many articles blasted at you via social media, sometimes even our best articles can get buried in the flood of information. Since we don’t want anyone to miss out, we dug deep into our analytics to discover exactly which Singletracks articles were the most popular this year.

Millions of annual users have voted with their millions upon millions of page views, and they’ve crowned these 50 articles the most popular articles of 2014! If you missed one (or more) of these, you owe it to ourself to check it out, or bookmark it so you can read it later:

1. The Best Mountain Bike Brands and Products of 2014

2014-12-01 -2 best brands

2. Video: The Most Technical Mountain Biking You May Ever Witness

3. How to Fit Yourself on a Mountain Bike Like a Pro

4. The Top Mountain Bike Trails in the USA, State By State


5. Hardtail VS Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

6. How to Choose the Best Mountain Bike Saddle

7. The 10 Best Apps for Mountain Biking

8. The Top 10 Mountain Bike Cities in North America

9. Fat Bike Buyer’s Guide: Budget Models

10. Fat Bike Buyer’s Guide: Mid-Range Models

11. 10 Not-So-Obvious Tips that Every Beginning Mountain Biker Needs to Know

12. The Top 10 Mountain Bike Destinations in North America

13. 10 Beer Towns with a Mountain Biking Problem


14. Mountain Bike Tire Buyer’s Guide

15. How to Choose the Best Mountain Bike Wheels

16. GPS Distance Accuracy Test: Smartphone Apps vs. Dedicated GPS

17. 10 Upgrades for Less Than $100 that Will Radically Improve Your Mountain Bike’s Performance

18. How to Choose the Best Mountain Bike Pedals

19. How to Clean Your Mountain Bike in 10 Easy Steps

20. 20 of the Most Scenic Mountain Bike Trails in the Western USA

Photo: Hermosa Tours
Photo: Hermosa Tours

21. 9 Ways to Climb Better on Your Mountain Bike

22. Fat Bike Buyer’s Guide: High-End Models

23. Warning: Fat Biking is Addictive (Infographic)

24. Fat Biking 101: 10 Things You Need to Know Before Biking in the Snow


25. How to Choose Your First Mountain Bike

26. 10 Excellent Mountain Bike Films You can Stream on Netflix and Amazon Prime Right Now

27. How to Choose the Best Mountain Bike Shoes

28. 5 Reasons Why You Need a Fat Bike

29. Video: Dropping into a Cave in Mexico

30. Opinion: Accept the Risks and Be Self Sufficient, or Don’t Mountain Bike

31. Poll Results: The Top 5 Scenic Mountain Bike Trails in the Western USA

32. How to Brake Your Mountain Bike

33. Must Watch: Danny MacAskill: The Ridge


34. How to Convert Your Mountain Bike to a Singlespeed

35. Light Hands, Heavy Feet: 17 Drills to Make Your Riding More Stable, No Matter What the Terrain

36. The 10 Best Mountain Bikes We’ve Demoed in 2014

37. 6 Mountain Bike Parts that are Uncool–But Totally Useful

38. How to Install and Adjust Your Front Derailleur

39. MTB Frame Geometry Part 1: How it Fits

40. My Top Five: Best Mountain Bike Trails in Denver

41. 10 Hottest Enduro Bikes from the Sea Otter Classic


42. Upgrading Your MTB Suspension Fork

43. One Is Enough: Why You Should Give Singlespeed Mountain Biking a Chance

44. Video: Matt Hunter Drags His Handlebars in a Corner

45. Mountain Bike Fork Servicing (Manitou)

46. Video: Polaris RZR Car Goes Mountain Biking

47. All Wheel Drive Mountain Bike Test Ride

48. DIY Bike Storage Rack

49. MTB Frame Geometry, Part 2: Trail Handling

50. 20 of the Most Scenic Mountain Bike Trails in the Eastern USA


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