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Interesting read. I have two bikes on PB for sale. Both are immaculate. Not one person has come to see them, albeit I only just posted the Mach 5.5 recently. Lots of silly offers on the Giant Reign but no one serious. I have sold four bikes in the past so I know it can…
Nothing like the original Porcupine aside from the colour. They were awful in the wet. Treads were round and didn’t grip too well.
So much unprotected area aroun the ears. Given that a picture of the back being worn would have been good.
Perforated where your toes are... personally, I would not buy these shoes as having cold wet feet is a downer. The holes for vetilation ruin what is a good shoe for me.
dpb1997   on Oct 6, 2018
replied to Commencal bikes and costumer service
They are a French company. Would of thought you would get better service being in France.
Who cares...? Sport is a personal choice. The same can be said for competitive swimming, predominately white. People are people regardless of race, gender, religion. I am English living in Canada riding mountain rides. I am a different race, do fellow riders care? The suspect not.
dpb1997   on Sep 19, 2018
replied to Newbe middle aged man
If you really want to enjoy your riding invest in a good bike that fits you properly and matches your type of riding.
Yep, I bought a new GT Mustang in Oct and my bike won’t fit, not that this was a consideration as our 2003 Windstar is the bike/dog transport. Mini vans are the best as you can fit four people and bikes comfortably, plus they are great for getting changed. I have sedan as well as…
Er, are you supposed to to clean them... I thought the discolouration was just an age thing????
I have shuttled the Whole Enchilada and was glad for it. I ride in “k” country near CALGARY. Moose Mountain is A ride I do but have never shuttled it. At 55yrs old I sometimes think I should but half the ride for me is the uphill challenge and it is a challenge when you…
dpb1997   on Jul 15, 2018
replied to New aluminum model of Trek Slash
Trek bikes are over priced, lower end components at high retail cost. I have had two, but will not buy another that has the fork and down tube clashing and the lack...
I have two 2016 bikes with 160-mm travel front and rear, large in size . Riding them is like night and day, or nightmare and a dream. The nightmare for me is the Giant Reign Advanced 1. Hard work up hills, poor fit & riding position especially after after 25-km, but a blast on the…
dpb1997   on Jul 6, 2018
replied to Share mountain bike deals here
Bike depot uk.  Discount plus tax(20%).
For me it has always been about the saddle. I have expensive saddles that were measured to assure compfort but the did not. The saddle I have now cost $10 from a bargain bin l bought at least 15 yrs ago and is on a very expensive Cube bike. Why is it so comfortable for…
Ear phones are dangerous for cyclists. On the road you won’t hear cars and on trails you won’t hear people and carnivores. The latter for those of us that ride in areas frequented by bears and mountain lions.
Well, you can ban all gun sales, add stringent controls, but unfortunately you will never ever stop atrocities against innocent people. Guns from the Black Market can still kill. Also, the right to bare arms dates back to the American War of Independance. A lot has change since then but the Constitution remains largely intact.…
dpb1997   on Feb 25, 2018
commented on Osprey Raptor 10 Hydration Pack Review
I have had two of these packs. They are value for money. Very comfortable albeit a bit warm in the summer. Lots of great storage. Very light.
Great article. I ride in bear country most of the time. I have bear spray that is accessible and a bell on the bar that is ringing all the time I am moving. The bell alerted a mature black bear last summer before I saw it. It bolted from the undergrowth in the opposite direction.…
dpb1997   on Feb 2, 2018
commented on Why I Quit Mountain Biking
Hi Jeff, I have been mountain biking since 1989 and am nearly 55-years old. I have three boys that all adult now. They never impeded my riding and rode with me when they were younger. The cost was a factor in the early days with a young family. Last June and July I had to…
In Alberta you cannot fly them legally in Provincial and National Parks. Not too sure why the even sell them.
Looks like YT Jeffys...
This is why you should buy a cheap minivan... Our from new 2003 Windstar is the perfect mountain bike vehicle and dog hauler.
dpb1997   on Oct 20, 2017
commented on 10 Reasons to Mountain Bike in the Dark
Thanks... I am just leaving to go to K-country. It will dark when I get back to my car...!
dpb1997   on Oct 19, 2017
commented on 10 Reasons to Mountain Bike in the Dark
Great article. Riding at night off road is fun. In England in the summer I'd set off at 11-pm for around two hours or as long as the battery lasted. We would ride all year round and night rides definitely improved one's skills. Riding alone at night in K-country is worrying due to bears and…
Amazing price and threaded BB. What can be better?
I just did Cox Hill and Jumping Pound today from Elbow falls up Powder Face across to Prairie Link to the gavel road. A total 42.5-km. The weather changed for the worst, real cold atop Cox Hill. Enjoyable ride though.
Hi, I have a 2016 Cube Stereo 160 SL C:62. Simply put; it is brilliant...! My last three bike in order of preference are; Scott Genius 720 (2014), Trek Remedy 8 (2012) and...
Great article. Don't forget Grand Junction and Fruita in Colorado that are very close and way cheaper to stay.
Hey Matt, You make a lot of assumptions… If you want to spend extra money unnecessarily in your LBS, or anyone else for that matter, go ahead and do it and please do not criticise others. In your world of what great service bike shops provide, outside selling overpriced parts and bikes, the reality for…
Thanks Bruce for an interesting article. I live in Calgary and agree with the comment above about Bow Cycle and Calgary Cycle. However, the prices in these shops, and others, is much higher than online. Example Giro Montaro is around $240. Online I paid $138. The price differential can be applied to hundreds of items…
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