Mavic’s Crossmax Pro Half Shell Mountain Bike Helmet Reviewed

The Crossmax Pro is Mavic’s top-shelf half shell, priced at €160 ($179.95USD). Its matte colorway is subtle, and the maroon and stormy blue hues make for an uncommon combination. Like all Mavic products, narrow stripes of bold-yellow accent a few select areas to tie the helmet together with all of their other products.

My head measures 61cm, with a recent haircut, and the size large fits appropriately. The shell sits fairly close to my head, giving it a clean and precise look. Its 20 vent holes work well to move air through the padding, allowing my head to stay cooler and dryer than it does in a lot of other lids.

Externally, the Crossmax Pro has a similar look to most half-shells I have tested. There is a channel across the back to keep a goggle strap in place, a long and fairly broad visor that blocks the sun reasonably well, and a low-cut section at the rear to protect you where your nape and skull meet. The visor angle can be adjusted by loosening the anchor bolts on either side.

The Crossmax Pro slides out of the box with bug screen padding installed, intended to stop insects from reaching your skin. There is a second set of screen-free pads in the box if you prefer to bring your local bugs along for the ride. The padding is ample, comfortable, and wicks sweat as well as any other. Mavic claims that the 37.5® technology padding uses active particles to absorb heat from your head and wick sweat away five times faster.”

The softer, yellow foam that lines the front half of the helmet allows it to better conform to the shape of your head, minimizing the number of spots where it might poke or otherwise bother your dome.

The retention system attaches near the temple, just beneath the front padding. The wearer can choose from three different positions for the retention strap to angle the shell in a position that works best for their head shape.

Mavic doesn’t make any revolutionary claims about this helmet’s impact technology, though they do say that “our Live Fit concept, enabled by XRD® foam, helps absorb vibrations and cushion impacts.” I have yet to crash while wearing it, but it feels as solid and protective as most of my other half shell skull-savers.

The Mavic Crossmax Pro helmet is available at local bike shops and online retailers.

The large Crossmax Pro I tested weighs 360g on the nose, with the anti-insect padding installed.

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