The Top 5 Mountain Bike Destinations in Colorado

Crested Butte

Trail: Upper Lower Loop. Rider: AJ Heil. Photo: Greg Heil.

Crested Butte is famous as one of the two birthplaces of the sport of mountain biking, but if you compare the current mountain bike trail access in Crested Butte, Colorado to that of Marin County, California… well, there just isn’t a comparison. Crested Butte boasts hundreds of miles of the most picturesque high-alpine trails anywhere, all surrounding a quaint western mountain town with great food and beer.

While much of Crested Butte’s riding is old-school singletrack, Evolution Bike Park at Crested Butte Mountain Resort continues to expand, bringing new-school DH and flow trails to the region. Progression bike parks have blossomed in town seemingly overnight, with Crested Butte boasting at least two different in-town parks. CBMBA continues to push trail development in the valley, and is proving instrumental in helping all of the various parties work together.

Located at the end of the pavement, Crested Butte isn’t on the way to anywhere–but a claimed 750+ miles of singletrack means that CB shouldn’t serve as a quick stop on your road trip. Instead, it should be the destination where your travels lead you!

Trail 401. Photo: nickesares

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