The Top 10 Mountain Bike Cities in North America

San Jose, California

Population: 1,894,000

Skyline Ridge Trail. Photo: seaotterlocal.

Located on the southernmost end of the San Francisco Bay, San Jose is surrounded by an abundance of fantastic singletrack mountain bike trails. While the nearby East Bay-area suffers from a dearth of singletrack, San Jose doesn’t share that problem. With trails starting from the outskirts of town, world-class singletrack in the San Francisco Peninsula that’s older than the sport of mountain biking (such as El Corte De Madera), and world-famous trails located south between San Jose and Santa Cruz (such as the Soquel Demonstration Forest), the city of San Jose has a trail résumé that could go on for thousands of words. Factor in the beautiful year-round weather, and it’s no wonder the mountain biking population here continues to explode.

-Greg Heil