Top 10 Best Mountain Bike Destinations East of the Rockies

Bentonville, Arkansas

Photo: Scott Cotter
Photo: Scott Cotter

Bentonville claims over 100 miles of singletrack within 30 miles of the city’s center–and they keep adding more every year! These trails are high-caliber, with massive berms, flow lines, and plenty of jumps… yet you can still find bouldery, technical rock gardens on other trails. Thanks to the hard work by the local IMBA chapter, IMBA has chosen Bentonville for their biennial World Summit, which will be held there this fall (2016).

After the ride, be sure to check out Ozark Brewing in nearby Rogers, Arkansas, which is home to highly-acclaimed beers, like their double IPA.

Must-ride trails include Slaughter Pen, Blowing Springs, and Mt. Kessler.

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