Top 10 Best Mountain Bike Destinations East of the Rockies

Kingdom Trails, Vermont. Photo: Rob Whelan.
Kingdom Trails, Vermont. Photo: Rob Whelan.

The West gets all the love. From the Rocky Mountains to the Cascades and the Sierras, and finally the crashing surf on the California Coast, it seems that all mountain bikers can talk about is “Colorado this,” or “California that.”

What about the East? Shouldn’t the East get some affection too?

Once you’ve ridden some of the epic western destinations on our Top 10 Best Mountain Bike Destinations in the USA list, it’s hard to argue that most eastern destinations can compete with the grandeur of the Rockies. However, we’ve never said that the East doesn’t have good mountain biking! After all, Singletracks HQ is based in Georgia… and the riding there is not shabby!

In fact, the entire Singletracks staff has developed a special love and affinity for the mountain biking found in the ancient mountains known as the Appalachians. While maybe you won’t find the same thousand-mile views you’ll find out west, what you will discover are absolutely massive trees, never-ending forests, roots and rocks a’plenty, and a mountain bike culture that’s unique in its own right.

We wanted to highlight the excellent riding found in the eastern United States, and after consulting with our team of writers, member surveys that we’ve conducted in the past, and the data and reviews in our massive mountain bike trail database, we’ve arrived at the 10 best mountain bike destinations east of the Rockies! These aren’t in any particular order, but you can rest assured that you won’t be left wanting at any of these destinations:

Brevard, North Carolina

Rider: Maureen Gaffney. Photo: Alec Cervenka.
Rider: Maureen Gaffney. Photo: Alec Cervenka.

The only destination east of the Rockies to make our overall The Top 10 Best Mountain Bike Destinations in the USA list, of course Brevard will make an appearance here as well!

Brevard is home to hundreds of miles of the most technical backcountry singletrack anywhere, gorgeous Appalachian Mountain views, and more mountain biking infrastructure (including bike shops, rentals, guiding, races–you name it) than you can even take advantage of.

Must-ride trails include Dupont State ForestLaurel Mountain, and Black Mountain. But the thing is, once you venture deep into the heart of Pisgah National Forest–where most of the best mountain biking is found–you’ll realize that all of these trails, which are generally referred to as self-contained rides, are really incredibly interconnected, creating a trail system of massive breadth and a mind-blowing array of ride combinations.

The only limit is whether or not you’re up to Pisgah’s brutality.

After the ride, you’ll discover delicious eats with a Southern flair, as well as world-class beer, with bigger breweries like Oskar Blues, Sierra Nevada, and New Belgium having moved into the area, in addition to the numerous local operations.

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