The Top Mountain Bike Trails in the USA, State by State (2014)

Note: check out the latest list of the best mountain bike trails in the USA and Canada.

Singletracks collects reviews of mountain bike trails all around the world. Once a year we crunch the data from tens of thousands of trail reviews to find the top mountain bike trails in the USA by state. Here is the latest list of top mountain bike trails in the USA.

Note, these selections represent the opinions of thousands of mountain bikers all around the USA*. While it is difficult to compare MTB trails across state lines, identifying the top trail within each state yields interesting results.

What makes a mountain bike trail system stand out?

Judging by the list above, good trails close to large cities can be more popular than scenic or even epic trails within the same state. Most of these systems also offer trails for a variety of skill levels along with decent mileage (10+ miles).

Some of our favorite mountain bike trails that show up on our list from year to year, these trails stand the test of time!

Colorado Trail Mountain Bike Trail
Colorado Trail, photo: tcbroncs
Hangover Trail, photo: Michael Paul
Hangover Trail in Sedona, AZ, photo: Michael Paul
Blankets Creek in Atlanta, GA,
Blankets Creek in Atlanta, GA, photo: Franz Volpi

For details in each state be sure to check out the full article:

In states where the top trail choice seems a bit debatable, the second or third place trail usually has it covered. For example, in Florida, both Santos and Alafia are excellent trail systems–and they’re ranked #1 and #2, respectively, within the state. See this page to view the runners up in each state (use the dropdown menu on the right side of the page to select your state).

I don’t know about you, but for me this graphic just cries out for a road trip!

* Trails are ranked based on the average review, the number of reviews, number of Singletracks members who have ridden the trail, and number of Singletracks members who want to ride the trail.