The NEXT 10 Best Mountain Bike Destinations that You Need to Visit (In the USA)

Monarch Crest Trail. Rider: Marcel Slootheer. Photo: Greg Heil
Monarch Crest Trail, Salida, CO. Rider: Marcel Slootheer. Photo: Greg Heil

The top 10 mountain bike destinations in the United States are, at this point, widely known. This widespread knowledge is thanks in large part to lists like ours detailing the best places to ride across the nation. The thing is, this list doesn’t really change from year to year. Generally speaking, the best just keep getting better–the singletrack-rich towns get a massive influx of tourism revenue and in turn, they build even more trails.

But that doesn’t mean that the small guys, the startup MTB destinations, are destined to lurk in obscurity. No, many long-time mountain bikers have already ridden most, if not all, of the destinations on our top 10 list over the years. While traveling to 10 destinations flung across the country may seem daunting, when you start looking at your mountain bike career in terms of decades instead of months, it seems much more attainable.

To keep your MTB travel thirst slaked, we started digging to find out what the next 10 best mountain bike destinations are that you need to add to your bucket list. Consider these destinations numbers 11-20, if you will.

Quite honestly, building this list was much more difficult than creating the first top 10 list. While some destinations were shoe-ins since they were in the running for the initial top 10, others required some soul-searching about what exactly makes a mountain bike destination national-caliber versus simply regional-caliber. But in the end, we asked ourselves the question, “would I fly across the nation to ride here?” The answer, for every single one, was yes.

These next 10 destinations haven’t been ranked against each other and instead have been listed in reverse alphabetical order:

St. George / Hurricane, Utah

Gooseberry Mesa. Photo: bluejudad
Gooseberry Mesa. Photo: bluejudad

While it takes close to a half an hour to drive between St. George and Hurricane, they aren’t far apart as the crow flies and together, these two towns create one of the greatest mountain biking destinations in the desert southwest! Here in the southwest corner of Utah you’ll find “fantastic quantity and consistent quality across a great variety of singletrack and slickrock, all in the shadow of magnificent Zion National Park,” according to Singletracks contributor John Fisch.

This area of Utah is home to the biggest pockets of fundamental Mormons anywhere, so don’t expect much out of the beer scene. However, according to DMBTA, the bike legal singletrack totals at least 120 miles of seriously entertaining trails. And in my experience, the views from the tops of the mesas are second-to-none.

Guacamole Mesa. Rider: Zach Bryan. Photographer: Susan Bryan
Guacamole Mesa. Rider: Zach Bryan. Photographer: Susan Bryan

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